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Vote here for the television presenter who irritates you most

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Jumblygirl Thu 11-Mar-10 16:24:12

I'll start with Kate Humble.

Well it's my own fault for switching on "LambWatch" of course but I turned it off again after 7 mins (honest).

She is so humungously patronising, never stops talking and everything is always about her and not the actual programme.

On a more positive note, I really love Monty Don.

And yes, before you ask, I am very bored today grin

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 11-Mar-10 16:24:51


frogetyfrog Thu 11-Mar-10 16:25:23

Kirstie Alsop (is that how you spell it). She does home type things. I too really love Monty Don.

Itsjustafleshwound Thu 11-Mar-10 16:30:37

The Northern 'architect' - George ??? who presents the home show - what a twunt (with bi-fold doors)!!

Piers Morgan goes without saying ...

BariatricObama Thu 11-Mar-10 16:31:31

i love kirstie.

fern cotton and all her fellow clones piss me off but work as a useful signal to turn the tv off

BariatricObama Thu 11-Mar-10 16:32:32

not lovely george with his puppy fat and big eyes always on the verge of tears - he hates to compromise doncha know

TheCrackFox Thu 11-Mar-10 16:35:52

Domonic Littlewood.

Jumblygirl Thu 11-Mar-10 16:36:06

Oh I won't hear a word against George. Oh to have a man that actually knows his way around a cement mixer ...

BariatricObama Thu 11-Mar-10 16:37:00

jumbly - he would drive you mad weeping over the pasta every night

claraquack Thu 11-Mar-10 16:38:16


sweetkitty Thu 11-Mar-10 16:41:12

Davina without a doubt.

It's the shouting, the gurning, trying to be hip and with it, oh the everything

Molesworth Thu 11-Mar-10 16:42:31

Richard Hammond. I mean, that hair. angry

Orlando Thu 11-Mar-10 16:42:32

Carol Vomit-orderman.

Did anyone see her posing and peering over her (carefully styled) specs while completely dominating procedings on Question Time last week?

<shudder> Enough to put anyone off maths.

Molesworth Thu 11-Mar-10 16:43:37

Good call on Vorderman. However, she did not dominate proceedings on QT. She just made herself look a complete twunt and was overshadowed by the not-seen-on-TV-often-enough Will Self.

Itsjustafleshwound Thu 11-Mar-10 16:45:41

Second Richard Hammond - seems lie he is just a bad virus on the BBC at the moment ...

cocolepew Thu 11-Mar-10 16:46:03


Itsjustafleshwound Thu 11-Mar-10 16:47:46

like not lie .... sorry

Jumblygirl Thu 11-Mar-10 16:53:49

grin Bariatric

Oh yes could watch a lot more of Wilf Self

Agree Vorderman did make a spectacular twunt of herself

Feel I'm betraying the sisterhood - desperately trying to think of a female presenter who I don't want to slap across the face with a wet kipper



Can't stand Kirsty permanent pseudo-frown face never moves Young


that woman who presents BBC news whose eyebrows keep getting higher and higher (Fiona someone) and who is so desperately pleased with herself


Newsnight Kirsty not too bad though (phew)

muggglewump Thu 11-Mar-10 16:55:43

Amanda Holden. I can't stand her, she has a face I'd happily slap.

jooseyfruit Thu 11-Mar-10 16:56:54

Lorne friggin Spicer.
and her put on posh voice during voice overs.

potplant Thu 11-Mar-10 16:57:58

I can only think of women: Amanda Holdern, Mylene, Carol V, Holly W, Fearne Cotton, the one off the Apprentice who does the Channel 5 thing.

Now I just look like a jealous old women! (actually Carol V is older than me but still)

sarah293 Thu 11-Mar-10 16:58:03

Message withdrawn

potplant Thu 11-Mar-10 16:58:40

Muggle_ I'll hold her down for you. Simon Cowell has got a lot to answer for giving her ideas.

CJCregg Thu 11-Mar-10 16:59:21

Kate Humble is really annoying - jolly hockey sticks, bouncy curly hair, isn't everything jolly super?!

I love Kirsty Young, though. I want her hair.

<wanders off to ponder sudden hair fixation>

goygoy Thu 11-Mar-10 17:03:01

Tim Lovejoy - could he muster up any less enthusiasm? (Something for the Weekend - BBC2, sunday mornings)

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