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Show Me Show Me - does this annoy anyone else?

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BertieBotts Wed 03-Mar-10 18:06:07

At the beginning when they sing their little song, "There's MoMoBot and Tom and Stuffy, Miss Mouse and Teddington, is that everybody?" Yes it is everybody! Because they then go on to search for the missing toy whose name they have already mentioned in the song. Grr.

I know this is a really small thing but it bugs me. I like Show Me Show Me apart from this bit...

cakeywakey Wed 03-Mar-10 18:09:30

But they show them, so you need to look out for the toy that's missing from the line-up.

What I really hate is the trailer with all the toys on a picnic when Chris puts on a horrible low voice and pronounces 'only on CBeebies' in a strange way grin

5inthebed Wed 03-Mar-10 18:11:40

I hate the whole entire show.

BertieBotts Wed 03-Mar-10 19:52:13

That trailer sounds creepy! I only watch on iplayer at the moment as my freeview box has died...

Yes I know you are supposed to look for which one is missing but it still annoys me the way they say "Is that everyone?" as it sounds like they are referring to the list they have just sung. The first time I watched it I was very confused confused

Snowtiger Wed 03-Mar-10 19:56:21

Call me a grumpy old pedant but the thing I hate most is that the children say "show me show me trains" (or whatever) with never so much as a please or a thank you.

I'm trying to encourage DS1 to say "please" when he asks for something and it would be so nice if they did the same to show children that it's the polite thing to do, rather than just demanding to be shown something.


< wanders off grumpily to find someone else to criticise >

lovecheese Wed 03-Mar-10 20:02:51

Well I love it smile Chris and pui (?) are a natural double act, and DD at 22 months has learnt to count backwards from 10-1.

Jenbot Fri 05-Mar-10 21:31:41

I learnt that Pui used to play Po from the Tellytubbies the other day.

madamimadam Fri 05-Mar-10 21:58:20

Snowtiger, that's exactly what annoys me about the programme, I think it's lovely in every other way but the fact that the children never say 'please' or 'thank you' really grates with me.

I find myself saying 'please' very loudly for them for exactly the same reason.

And I hate doing it - it makes me feel like I'm turning into Margot from The Good Life... but I just can't let it pass.

(I'm sadder than sad...)

Snowtiger Sat 06-Mar-10 19:55:16

Glad it's not just me Madamimadam. Irritating isn't it?!

I shall now forever picture you in a wafty kaftan, saying "Sherry, Jerry?"

madamimadam Wed 10-Mar-10 22:58:27

Oh God, Snowtiger, how did you guess? (And, of course, as long as Jerry says 'please' and 'thank you', he'll get it...)

I must say I've felt happier intervening when Show Me Show Me's been on now, knowing I'm not alone. (I may have even been sad enough to have told my 12mo son that 'It's not just Mummy who thinks that's wrong'.)

Must dash. The bank manager's coming for dinner and I have to put the final touches to the Black Forest gateau...

(PS What a lovely name, Snowtiger - I picture you all sleek and feline while I'm here, wrestling with the hostess trolley)

Monadami Thu 11-Mar-10 11:19:58

My LO loves it, particulalrly the bit where the sock things do their bit in the washing basket.

ShadeofViolet Thu 11-Mar-10 15:32:56

My DS2 loves it and gets upset that he only gets to watch half of it before we leave for playschool.

We are off to see them in June - have front row seats and I cant wait :D

cyteen Thu 11-Mar-10 15:38:10

madamimadam, you can't possibly be as sad as me. Last week I found myself complaining to DP about the blatant favouritism shown to Stuffy over all the other toys. He's always the star of the show and even when Tom was the 'missing' toy recently, the story still ended up being all about Stuffy. He even gets his grandad doing guest spots, ffs. It really pisses me off.

jenniferturkington Thu 11-Mar-10 15:39:34

I love this programme, as does DS. However I hate bloody Penelope. Are her family nudists? They look like they have giant grey muffs.

ShadeofViolet Thu 11-Mar-10 15:55:53

Penelope's family (especially her mother) are very rude to her and dont show her any encouragement!

Steery Fri 12-Mar-10 20:44:40

We love show me show me in our house. My DD especiallly loves Penelope!

electrofagz Fri 12-Mar-10 20:48:01

Ds thought it was brilliant - he watched it religiously before he started school. I only watched it to pick out signs re Chris and Pui's erm ...friendship (although my friend swears that he is gay?)

MamaGoblin Fri 12-Mar-10 21:06:33

DS adores Show Me Show Me and it's the second most frequent thing he asks to see (after CharlLola...). I know what you mean about the song at the start, though!

Penelope is v v dull.

nomorecake Fri 12-Mar-10 21:23:43

cyteen - i'm glad i'm not the only one that see's the stuffy favouritism!

milti Fri 12-Mar-10 23:06:43

i hate the shop scenes, especially the one with little bo peep. so annoying. and the woman from cant cook wont cook. Doesn't this look yummy? er no

milti Fri 12-Mar-10 23:07:38

i mean i can cook or whatever the hell its called. big cook little cook. cook off!

milti Fri 12-Mar-10 23:08:26

she was po as well, poi i mean. didn't have to change her name much. think andy was tinks

Megletwantsittobesummer Fri 12-Mar-10 23:09:10

I adore Penelope. She just pootles about and does normal things.

gaelicsheep Fri 12-Mar-10 23:11:23

I just think the title sounds rather vulgar TBH (obviously my warped mind). Puts me right off!

tomjoyce00 Mon 15-May-17 11:34:09

In the distinct lack of Dadsnet, I'm posting this here. I find myself being driven slowly insane by this show. Why, WHY does the song use alliteration for only half of the song, I.E. 'Monkeys missing', 'elephants exercising' but then just randomly throw 'tigers snoozing' into the mix. I mean WTAF is going on here. I don't get out of bed early with my 1 year old to be subjected to this over breakfast.

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