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Big Brother ......... 4th........

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RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Jul-05 22:40:56

Here you go

new thread is here

Socci Fri 15-Jul-05 22:42:09

Message withdrawn

lucy5 Fri 15-Jul-05 22:42:19

I want derek science and eugene to be in the final 3.

sorrel Fri 15-Jul-05 22:42:22

well that was weird. That bit round the table was vile

sorrel Fri 15-Jul-05 22:43:00

know what you mean about a bad taste in your nouth

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Jul-05 22:43:04

deffo me too

derek and eugine deffo

sorrel Fri 15-Jul-05 22:44:31

eug looks so sweet in his best shirt

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Jul-05 22:45:05

They want yoju to text views of tionight to

83188 put TEXT then message and it will go on E4

emily05 Fri 15-Jul-05 22:45:33

It will be interesting if they all start giving Eugine some attention now instead of ignoring him because he was cheered

makealist Fri 15-Jul-05 22:46:01

Oh bugger, It took me so long to type I didn't realise we had a new thread and I've posted on the other.

sorrel Fri 15-Jul-05 22:46:27

hopw they find thmole tonight

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Jul-05 22:46:36

They want yoju to text views of tionight to

83188 put CHAT then message and it will go on E4

MumsRCool Fri 15-Jul-05 22:47:18

Derek is my fave but where are all of his friends??? He had his housekeeper on BBLB tonight as his family and friends person. Am feeling a little sorry for him

sorrel Fri 15-Jul-05 22:48:08

if i was Vanessa i'd be off to heathrow in the morning.

makealist Fri 15-Jul-05 22:48:12

I thought Science came across as quite caring. BB didn't have time to edit it and put him in a bad light like they usually do.

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Jul-05 22:48:40

the hamiltons were on BBLB before

and others were on but perhaps they are shy

lucylady Fri 15-Jul-05 22:48:55

I think Davinas interviews are PANTS!

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Jul-05 22:49:32

I hate how they edit science

lucy5 Fri 15-Jul-05 22:50:26

I think davinas pants are pants, pedal pushers and high hells. Uurrgghh!

bonkerz Fri 15-Jul-05 22:50:40

Best result tonight definately! Vanessa was a loser!
RESPECT to kemal who stood by his nomination even though he knows he may lose a freind over it.
Am undecided about who i want to win, definatley need to get Orleigh, Craig and Science out.
Not bothered who wins really as long as its either Kemal, Mekosi, Derek or Anthony!

lucy5 Fri 15-Jul-05 22:50:57

or even heels must have been a freudian slip.

emily05 Fri 15-Jul-05 22:51:03

sorrel - lol at the mole!! at least it isnt a bat

MumsRCool Fri 15-Jul-05 22:51:27

She normally looks really cool, but gotta agree tonight she did look pants.

makealist Fri 15-Jul-05 22:51:33

Do you think that perhaps Derek's family were not supportive of him when he "came out" and that may be why he got so emotional when Kemal got his supportive message from his parents?

sorrel Fri 15-Jul-05 22:52:21

have to say orlaith only said Makosi as she knew that she would be staying by that point.
Kemal only said makosi because Vanessa was in a state and he knew Makosi could take it

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