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Can anyone remember the name of this programme?

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thosepeskykids Wed 13-Jul-05 23:23:35

It was set in London and it followed the lives of about 4 people, one of them was played by Phil Daniels and he was a food critic or something, and he had bulimia. It's all a bit vague i'm afraid, but it was really moving and i would love to watch it again.

Dior Wed 13-Jul-05 23:25:51

Message withdrawn

lou33 Wed 13-Jul-05 23:32:30

holding on?

sorrel Wed 13-Jul-05 23:34:19

it was called Holding On I think and written by tonay marchant. Will try and do a link

SaintGeorge Wed 13-Jul-05 23:36:42

Holding On

sorrel Wed 13-Jul-05 23:38:59

oh well done SG- was having trouble!

thosepeskykids Wed 13-Jul-05 23:52:45

that's the one, thanks everybody.

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