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is anyone watching America's next top model...

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juicychops Mon 11-Jul-05 21:57:53

... on Living channel?

Twiglett Mon 11-Jul-05 21:58:44

me, me, me

Twiglett Mon 11-Jul-05 21:59:04

who do you think she hollered at

and what do you think of skank-whore model??

Nemo1977 Mon 11-Jul-05 22:00:00

im not but am taping

emmatmg Mon 11-Jul-05 22:00:16

Ooooo, I LOVE this programme.

Absolutley can not stand Brittany...Ugghh.....everything I loathe in a person!

Tabs Mon 11-Jul-05 22:06:40

Saw about half of it. Didn't realise a new series had started. When's the next episode on? There's one at 8 tomorrow but it sounds like it's the same one again.

Enid Mon 11-Jul-05 22:07:58


I love it but have no tv


Twiglett Mon 11-Jul-05 22:09:33

you have no tv

you arty-farty liberal enid

juicychops Mon 11-Jul-05 22:09:46

its on on Living at 9pm every night i think. Then the whole week is repeated on Sunday

i cant stand Britney at all! she Is just a piss head!

Twiglett, which one do you think is the skank whore model?

I really like Michelle. She reminds me of me

emmatmg Mon 11-Jul-05 22:12:42

EVERY night @ 9pm????

please don't tell me that.....I've missed loads then.

Thought it was on tonight and repeated on saturday only.

emmatmg Mon 11-Jul-05 22:12:58

Enid, why no TV?

Enid Mon 11-Jul-05 22:20:14


have had no tv for about 2 months

dh and I have had lots of chats and mroe sex than usual

god I miss Sky

juicychops Mon 11-Jul-05 22:21:10

Just checked the tv planner. I was wrong, It is only on tonite... not every nite. Sunday just gone though i watched all 4 episodes from this series so thats why i assumed it was on every nite. Thought they were the 4 episodes from last week

Enid Mon 11-Jul-05 22:22:02

is it a new series?

are you sure?

what are their names?

JoolsToo Mon 11-Jul-05 22:23:07

seen an odd one

emmatmg Mon 11-Jul-05 22:23:15

god, no tele in this house would be a nasty nasty form of torture for me, apart from missing my fav trashy tele the kids would drive me demented!

I take my hat off to you...2 months

emmatmg Mon 11-Jul-05 22:24:58

Ohhh, yes absolutley a new series.

Half of them are mingers and the other half are really plain and boring.

(and yes, i am a right stunner before you ask)

Enid Mon 11-Jul-05 22:25:04

the kids dont care

they really dont - and I thought they were addicts

they watch tom and jerry dvds on the pc when desperate

juicychops Mon 11-Jul-05 22:27:12

some of their names are...

Enid Mon 11-Jul-05 22:28:07


gasp <<faints>>

its new

is it still 'mono expression' Tyra banks who presents?

emmatmg Mon 11-Jul-05 22:29:10

There's Brittany who is load, obnoxious and looks like porn star.

Tiffany-tattooed, hard looking, bad weave/extentions.

Kenarh(can't spell it) looks like Rebecca Loos but a black version.

errrrr trying to think.....

emmatmg Mon 11-Jul-05 22:34:43

I think Niamh will win.

juicychops Mon 11-Jul-05 22:38:29

yep, still tyra banks presenting. dont like her much

i dont know who i think will win. i quite like Naima. She could win

emmatmg Mon 11-Jul-05 22:41:13

I said Eva would win in the alst series and she did, and I got the one before that right too.

My favourite was Lluvy in this series.

Do you look like michell or are you like michelle?

(and I also knew we'd get the olympics)

juicychops Mon 11-Jul-05 22:44:56

I dunno. I dont really look like Michelle, but just feel like i can relate to her in some ways. a bit insecure, shy, try to act confident but can break down really easily

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