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FOreign legion prog last night

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fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 11:57:59

anyone see it?
i loved th beginnign bu then got distracted onto wasin and missed the second half

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 14:33:06


lunachic Tue 05-Jul-05 14:45:33

i watched it till end it carried on in much the same mode
someone fell over and hurt their back sarge thought they were bluffing nothing showed on x ray (so aparently were bluffing as no concrete proof of injury)pulled muscle not painful enough
prob missed something crucial but thats all my tiny mind remembers
what did you want to know?!
oh and that guy who left at beginning would go back they locked him in a room not sure if they were starving him or what was going on [schock] but he wasnt too happy

oh and they were a few hunky dudes on it too maybe will watch next week to get the names !!

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 14:46:02

so he didnt leave then?
were htey hating it?

lunachic Tue 05-Jul-05 14:46:16

errthe guy who left at begining wouldnt go back

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 14:46:45

backoff to pc world hten

lunachic Tue 05-Jul-05 14:47:43

i dont think he was allowed to leave i missed the beginning but i imagine that they signed a contract saying they were in the hands of the ffl for a week

gothicmama Tue 05-Jul-05 14:49:17

guy who decided to leave had a 24 hr cooling off period in jail (a la real FL )
guy who hurt his back is prob goingto be picked on now for being weak

lunachic Tue 05-Jul-05 14:51:55

they locked him in a cell and made him face the wall whenever i saw him-bit disturbing really but i suppose he chose so he must have had idea what he was letting him self in for
the other members mused how it was right how they weeded the weaker ones out which in a real ffl situation it is -all that brutality and diciplin makes me shudder though
that poor guy (tosser!) will prob. be too mentally scarred to ever go to pc world again !

lunachic Tue 05-Jul-05 14:52:53

mean discipline (sp?)

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 14:55:11


will shudder as he offers you an hard drive ( aand I mean 'ard!!)

lunachic Tue 05-Jul-05 15:28:37

or even a not 'ard enuf drive -in his case AAAATENNNNNSHON (shouted with a french nasal accent)

lunachic Tue 05-Jul-05 15:30:41

just got it does he work in pc world then ?
is that why hes not hard enough ?
thought it was bad when he didnt have a go and that guy who had the squirts was giving it his all and really suffering

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 15:34:02

yes he ww fnatastic - wayne he was

yes drop out works in pc world

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