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the slaughterhouse- watch and then eat your turkey twizzlers!

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oops Mon 04-Jul-05 19:39:50

Message withdrawn

charliecat Mon 04-Jul-05 19:44:30

whens this on?

oops Mon 04-Jul-05 20:11:24

Message withdrawn

SPARKLER1 Mon 04-Jul-05 21:38:24

I'm watching it. I'm a meat eater so I'm trying to watch. I am watching with eyes half open and my face screwed up though. Horrible.

Finbar Mon 04-Jul-05 21:46:51

Tried to wtach it -gave up when they were putting bolts through the cows heads.

Am a veggie btw - but used to LURVE meat

charliecat Mon 04-Jul-05 21:54:00

I am a veggie will flick over to it at ten watching the legion prog just now

rickman Mon 04-Jul-05 21:56:36

Message withdrawn

charliecat Mon 04-Jul-05 22:02:19

just flicked over, bloke swinging half dead cow.

SPARKLER1 Mon 04-Jul-05 22:02:39

watched half an hour - enough for me.

charliecat Mon 04-Jul-05 22:03:52

not going to make myself miserable over it,cant watch, im doing my bit, I dont eat dead animals, twizzlers or organic, they are all dead

MistressMary Mon 04-Jul-05 22:05:00

Yep know how it works. My dad was a Farmer.

LilMissy Mon 04-Jul-05 22:07:16

Watched 5 mins. Am going veggy. DEADLY serious.

How Rank!

sweetkitty Mon 04-Jul-05 22:10:44

Been in a few slaughterhouses as part of my job, chicken ones are the worst. Always wondered who would willingly work in those places, cold, wet, horrible. Think it takes a certaint type of person and they get desensitised to it very quickly.

What annoys me is being laughed at about not eating meat and I say "if you had seen what I have saw you wouldn't eat meat either" and they say "don't I don't want to know" yet they ridicule me for it!!!

QueenEagle Mon 04-Jul-05 22:13:23

My dh turned veggie when he was 7 or 8 when he realised that animals didn't die of natural causes and people then went round picking them up. He will not touch anything that involves an animal dying to make it.

All of my kids are veggie too, the older 3 was by their own choice when they saw slaughter videos and when on holiday they saw the carcasses hanging up in the supermarkets abroad.

Most people don't associate what they see in a packet in the supermarket with animals being killed, funny though that may sound. If more people thought about what happened in slaughterhouses, more people would be vegggie.

p.s. did you know that red smarties and red m&m's are made from crushed beetles? and products using gelatine are made from animals' skin, hair, nails/hooves and stomach linings, amongst other things?

charliecat Mon 04-Jul-05 22:14:39

yep and polos horses hooves (???)

LilMissy Mon 04-Jul-05 22:16:33

I did know but didn't know if that makes sense. You read what goes into these things but don't really associate them with animal bits iykwim

My parents friend is a butcher and I have been into his thingy (cold store thingy..know wat I mean?) and the smell of meat was bad enough but this program has finally made me see sense.

QueenEagle Mon 04-Jul-05 22:18:20

My kids are so serious about never eating anything that involves a dead animal that they don't even touch sweets that are made from gelatine. That rules out all Haribo sweets and usually anything red coloured.

charliecat Mon 04-Jul-05 22:20:18

I turned veggie at 9 when I made a deal with a friend that neither of us would eat meat....we went to the library to read up on not eating meat and found out all the horrific stuff that was probably on this programme and both of us are still vege...erm...17 years on Never looked back, had the piss ripped out of me at school etc etc for being weird, er no, vegetarian, not weird, anyway, with all the nuggett yuckyness etc im glad I am and i dont have to worry about what im eating.

QueenEagle Mon 04-Jul-05 22:32:26

Oh and if you want to put your kids off smoking - according to the list of "ingredients" in cigarettes, there is animal hair and skin in them. That more than the fact they contain tar put my kids off big time.

charliecat Mon 04-Jul-05 22:36:38

Stopped smoking afew months ago too feel postively angelic

hoppybird Tue 05-Jul-05 10:18:51

This was a very interesting programme, not only with regards to showing what happens in a slaughterhouse, but also the interviews with the people working there provided useful insight into the kind of people prepared to work in such a place.

It was nice to see that there are young people in Britain who are prepared to jobs which would be considered the lowest of the low (ie a cleaner in an abbatoir), rather than be wasters on the dole.

I must admit, I did watch through my fingers a fair bit, but I managed the whole programme, mainly to hear what the slaughterhouse workers had to say. The halal and kosher slaughterers in particular were interesting and very respectful.

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