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sallystrawberry Sun 03-Jul-05 00:03:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RTKangaMummy Sun 03-Jul-05 00:05:23

will go to sleep with tv on anyway so either that or BB

turquoise Sun 03-Jul-05 00:05:28

I'd stay for Maroon 5 if I knew they were on soon. Anyone know the running order?

turquoise Sun 03-Jul-05 00:06:34

Also Bon Jovi >swoon<
And if SuzyWong's up yet - Stevie Wonder's on!

sallystrawberry Sun 03-Jul-05 00:14:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emily05 Sun 03-Jul-05 00:16:40

watched Bon Jovi on interactive earlier and they were great.

sallystrawberry Sun 03-Jul-05 00:31:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emily05 Sun 03-Jul-05 00:31:58

and so sexy!

Earlybird Sun 03-Jul-05 00:33:38

He looks great in those tight, tan leather trousers! Do my eyes deceive me, or do they lace up at the front??

Tortington Sun 03-Jul-05 00:41:55

nothin a pair of sharp nail scissors couldnt do away with early bird

emily05 Sun 03-Jul-05 00:43:35

lol! Be careful with those sissors!

Tortington Sun 03-Jul-05 01:06:01

oh i would, i would be very slow and precise - detailed in fact

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