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Is anyone watching LIVE 8 concert? BBC2 and BBC1 and BBC3

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RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Jul-05 14:07:17

It has just started

AuntyQuated Sat 02-Jul-05 14:16:17

yup..glad i am not one of those right at the back!!! went to live aid all those years ago and it was ...deffo brill

Aero Sat 02-Jul-05 14:19:06

Nope - boys playing on Gamecube. When is the ladies final of Wimbledon then if BBC1 and 2 are showing Live 8, or have I missed it already?

tammybear Sat 02-Jul-05 14:20:52

i got bbc2 on with u2

rickman Sat 02-Jul-05 14:25:48

Message withdrawn

suzywong Sat 02-Jul-05 14:28:47

She's a loon, surely

dont' get me wrong I've seen her in concert and have some CDs but she is a loon, I mean look at her eye makeup

tammybear Sat 02-Jul-05 14:29:51

no not really although here sort of tells you which singers/bands are gonna be in which programme. not particularly helpful lol

SenoraPostrophe Sat 02-Jul-05 14:38:17

bjork is a loon, I agree.

hey, now it's the verve with coldplay.

old ugly face could teach chris martin a thing or two.

lucy5 Sat 02-Jul-05 14:39:58

yup, watching richard ashcroft and coldplay, yummm!

mears Sat 02-Jul-05 14:41:10

Elton John and Pete Doherty (druggie boyfriend of kate moss apparently) next

lucy5 Sat 02-Jul-05 14:41:45

you are right but ugly but fanciable I fancy laim gallagher too as long as he doesnt open his mouth.

mears Sat 02-Jul-05 14:42:22

Dido 3.15

Stereophonics £.25

REM 3.40

Ms Dynamite 4pm

Keane 4.15

Travis 4.30

Annie Lennox 4.45

lucy5 Sat 02-Jul-05 14:42:35

or even liam, I got over excited hahaha.

Alannah Sat 02-Jul-05 14:43:57

I'm watching and as I have bad pmt at the moment I keep getting overwhelmed with waves of emotion at the wonder of human nature -which is a bit disturbing for a hardened cynic like myself. I really hope they don't show lots of pics of starving children as the original Africa footage from Live Aid had me in floods of tears earlier on

snafu Sat 02-Jul-05 14:44:26

Am I a really grumpy old bag for not being remotely interested in any of the bands on today?

mears Sat 02-Jul-05 14:45:21

UB40 5pm

Snoop Dog 5.15

Razorlight 5.30

Madonna 5.45

Snow Patrol 6.05

Joss Stone 6.20

Scissor Sisters 6.35

Velvet Revolver 6.50

The Killers 7.05

Sting 7.20

Mariah Carey 7.40

Robbie Williams 7.55

The Who 8.15

Pink Floyd 8.35

Sir Paul McCartney 8.50

Fibale 9pm

lucy5 Sat 02-Jul-05 14:46:31

Yes! hahahaha

suzywong Sat 02-Jul-05 14:53:34

help an old lady out and tell m ewho's on now, angry sounding youths in black with eyeliner

suzywong Sat 02-Jul-05 14:54:49

they're in TOkyo

lucy5 Sat 02-Jul-05 14:55:57

what are they singing?

suzywong Sat 02-Jul-05 14:58:14

could it have been the GOod Charlotte?

jenkel Sat 02-Jul-05 14:58:30

Yes and I'm jealous of dh who is there, but no babysitter, so me at home.........., but I'll probably get a better view

snafu Sat 02-Jul-05 14:58:33

Who's Fibale mears?

tamum Sat 02-Jul-05 15:03:15

Haven't started watching yet but we just got back from the Make Poverty History protest at the Meadows (Edinburgh), and I have to say the atmosphere was wonderful. Thousands and thousands of people, all very good-humoured and peaceful

jessicaandbumpsmummy Sat 02-Jul-05 15:04:09

bloody fantastic - just put it on now, but was listening to it in the car from when it started. FANTASTIC

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