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SparrowFflamau Fri 08-Jan-10 16:53:07

Impressive title or what?

SparrowFflamau Fri 08-Jan-10 16:55:20

Huzzah - have registered now.

Links for the thingy here:

So...... who wants to be an episode of Supernatural then? Any chance that we can help each other out with this?

Living are running a web and RL based competition prior to S5 starting in February. Detailsare on Superwiki here

Dedicated Living website is (sounds familiar, getting flashback to last September.. grin)

Follow them on Twitter here

*flails madly!*

serenity Fri 08-Jan-10 17:06:06

*marks place for Threads I'm On*

Impressive title Flame smile

Carrying on from the last thread... I don't think the cameras could handle filming me, it'll be costly replacing all those broken lenses wink I'd love to go Vancouver though, and definitely love to get with groping touching distance.

ShowOfHands Fri 08-Jan-10 17:07:32


Haven't been able to load the last one for about 400 messages.

What's new?

Tell me everything.

serenity Fri 08-Jan-10 17:16:11

Why didn't you say?! (And if you've sent me anything, I've never received it...)

Will have a look and see if you missed anything other that random drooling and flailing? Did you see my 'OMG Misha threatened me with violence' post?

ShowOfHands Fri 08-Jan-10 17:18:42

No to violence. Tell all.

I did send. sad Had real problems with a lot of things I've sent recently. Bugger. It may come back to me though, some things I sent 6 weeks ago turned up back at ours yesterday. hmm

SparrowFflamau Fri 08-Jan-10 17:33:11

i missed that too!

(stopped reading when we were behind on eps, then forgot you all blush)

serenity Fri 08-Jan-10 17:54:10

Damn. When did you send it? I would have mentioned it earlier, but didn't want to seem stalky and harrassy (they are words).

Will find and copy/paste post (apologies to anyone who was already bored with my flailing)

serenity Fri 08-Jan-10 18:00:17

SoH - DM me on Twitter with your address and I'll send you some on disc.


"Ok. I have actually SPOKEN to MISHA, so am now ecstatically happy. I also failed miserably when attempting to say hello to Julie McNiven (Anna) it came out as a rather pathetic squeak (she is tiny, and very, very pretty) Stalked Jason Momoa as he stalked Misha. Saw Misha's Mum.

Had complete brain failure with Misha though. We kept seeing him wandering around (with security) Said 'hi' a few times in a pathetic fangirly way, then he actually walked past us whilst I had my camera out and ready. I went to take a picture and he started laughing and hid behind one of my friends. At which point my brain switched off and my mouth took advantage and I got all mock affronted and said that it's not fair, and I'm a minion and he should be nice to me (whilst laughing, absolutely no way he could have thought I was being pissy and entitled *worries slightly*) At which point he turned around and said that that was a reason not to be nice and he punched his fist in his hand a few times...

I was so embarrassed I actually went and hid in a corner blush

It's official. I am 14. *dies of shame again*

Was an awesome day though grin"

Most of the other stuff you missed was talking about episodes, Jensen and Danneel getting engaged (Jared and Genevieve are now as well, and possibly getting married in February in Idaho) and occasional random links smile

meridian Fri 08-Jan-10 18:59:57

tis a most gloriously impressive and witty title... I like it muchly... and being back here.. its a safe and happy place.. that just happens to be made/crazy/bonkers/demonical

*sets up shiny new alter with drippy candles... ice cold beer, diner coffee and PIE*

All Hail the Pie!!!!


have registered...

Serenity where is that link to the next ep promo? <<lazy>>

serenity Sat 09-Jan-10 00:16:25

This one?

SparrowFflamau Sun 10-Jan-10 00:22:09


serenity Sun 10-Jan-10 00:34:21

Awww don't you just want to take them home and tuck them into your bed?

meridian Mon 11-Jan-10 16:02:25

awww poor puppies... grin

meridian Thu 14-Jan-10 19:45:25

got a shiney new laptop today! well technically its matte black but tis still brand new! grin need to download all my programs on it.. utorrent, itunes etc etc etc... grin

serenity Fri 15-Jan-10 10:00:47

Get those programs on! One week until Supernatural returns (in the US obviously, couple of weeks until it comes back here)

annaje Fri 15-Jan-10 14:45:23

hurrah for the new thread....!

I wonder if we will see both the boys married this year envy but happy for them!

SparrowFflamau Mon 18-Jan-10 17:45:04

So... I squealed at the LIC tweet video blush

serenity Tue 19-Jan-10 19:19:07

I know not of what you speak? Enlighten me please..


SparrowFflamau Wed 20-Jan-10 11:35:34

Right. So LIC is up. Do we all join each other's armies, have one big one, separate ones???

(It was the LIC teaser trailer on the site)

serenity Wed 20-Jan-10 12:42:32

Yes. Now it's obvious. I have no excuse blush

Will have to have a look at the website, it was down when I looked at it this morning.

serenity Wed 20-Jan-10 12:53:56

I think we get points for inviting people, and then more points if they then build armies?

So there are two of these sigils atm. One on the SFX website, one somewhere in London.

meridian Thu 28-Jan-10 11:46:35

omg... 'pudding!' ... PMSL ... grin

sorry I havent beena round... wallowing and stuch with a cold and nothing witty to say at all.

serenity Fri 29-Jan-10 00:44:35

*pets Meri* That's ok, you're allowed to wallow in misery every now and again.

Pudding! (sorry had to share, and pudding makes everything seem shiny and bright again)

meridian Tue 02-Feb-10 14:36:27

still not watched the next ep... I may just like the idea of a nut house a little too much... and erm pudding as well. grin

I haven't been playing the game as i am crap at games and dont know people in half the cities where the sigils are. confused


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