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BB should have chucked Maxwell out after last night

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dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:07:19

He is a nasty nasty bully and I can't believe BB didn't f* him out of the house last night!

starlover Fri 01-Jul-05 21:07:50

agree... nasty piece of work he is... and saskia isn't much better

Lucycat Fri 01-Jul-05 21:08:37

Why what did he do last night? - missed it you see! Lurved Kemal's comment about being wet!

Fimbo Fri 01-Jul-05 21:08:45

Wouldn't it be great if they had a "surprise" double eviction and they both went.

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:09:26

he looks like an actor to me - can't remember his name. always plays psycho-types!

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:09:45

Saskia is VILE too.

nutcracker Fri 01-Jul-05 21:09:53

Kemal is so funny 'I may wear stilettos but I still have balls '

Lucycat Fri 01-Jul-05 21:11:02

Saskia' head wobbles when she's arguing in that stroppy teenage girl kind of way! very funny!

RTKangaMummy Fri 01-Jul-05 21:19:01

Max is a BULLY and should be evicted now

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:19:42

Lucycat, dh says my head wobbles like that when am pissed!

expatinscotland Fri 01-Jul-05 21:20:06

He can at least keep his top on! FFS, he's too young to have such a sad torso. Imagine what he's gonna look like at my age?! He's just pure skanky.

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:20:42

who is the American actor Maxwell looks like? bloke with a faint 'tache, does kind of alternative film-type things?

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:20:43

who is the American actor Maxwell looks like? bloke with a faint 'tache, does kind of alternative film-type things?

RTKangaMummy Fri 01-Jul-05 21:22:17


R u voting??????????

MAX out

Craig just called Kamal a kabab...Rasist

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:23:16

just felt Saskia and Maxwell are always on verge of getting REALLY rascist...

Hope Davina isn't nice tp whoever gets evicted

hunkermunker Fri 01-Jul-05 21:26:16

Very racist - they're totally vile.

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:28:04

I'll be good back at work, HM - check out my spelling!

when Saskia was so evil to Makosi - nasty cow.

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:28:40

Hm, you'll know - please look at my thread re American actor..

hunkermunker Fri 01-Jul-05 21:28:59

That's what the spellcheck's for

It even works (usually) now

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 01-Jul-05 21:29:00

the crowd seem to want saskia out.

Lucycat Fri 01-Jul-05 21:29:02

Don't they usually announce who's been evicted at 9.30? does ch4 need more voting money?

Makosi(or was it Vanessa?) was right the other night when she said that all the 'ethnic' contestants were in one 'group'?

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:30:21

HM, I NEVER make sp mistakes (except for a year post-partum [wink})

dinny Fri 01-Jul-05 21:30:41

always 10, I think, Lucycat.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 01-Jul-05 21:30:51

apparently an extended version coz too much good stuff to show!

madmarchhare Fri 01-Jul-05 21:30:55

Lucycat, I think what weve really got here is all the tosspots in one group and whoevers left in another.

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