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Problems with SKY ?? Anyone else ?

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Whizzz Sat 25-Jun-05 09:55:03

has anyone else had problems with SKY in the last couple of days ?
We seem to have lost (ie no signal) things like BBC3 & BBC4 & now also Sky Sports & various other channels. Just wondering if its our dish or a wider scale problem. Could be from all the bad weather I suppose.

jessicasmummy Sat 25-Jun-05 09:55:36

Ours was knocked out yesterday because of the weather but all ok now.

Have you tried re-setting the box?

cupcakes Sat 25-Jun-05 09:56:01

we had a bit of trouble last night. Always the same whenever it's v hot or v rainy. Atmospherics...

Whizzz Sat 25-Jun-05 09:58:16

Turned box on & off but not unplugged it completely - could try that. Very miffed as I couldn't watch Glastonbury last night & its still not working now.
Some channels just have no signal & some are breaking up really badly. DH miffed now as Lions Rugby match has gone potty too - 1st half was OK

jessicasmummy Sat 25-Jun-05 09:59:14

try turning it off at the plug for at least 10 seconds.... if still no luck, call sky and they should be able to assist.

bambi06 Sat 25-Jun-05 10:01:07

oh thank god it isnt us , we thought we`d done something to the wiring as were not getting anything , i tried turning box off unplugging everything but nothing and it went off the minute the storm started yesterday as my dd called me and said she couldnt watch anything and the tv was making her eyes go funny with all the squiggly colours!!
any other suggestions to getting it working?

Whizzz Sat 25-Jun-05 19:33:33

I think DH found something on the SKY website

link here follow the instructions for the 'No Satellite Signal' message

He tells me ours is OK now !

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 19:34:24

ours was knocked out with the storm...but i have been having loads of problems with channel four freezing.

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