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Monadami Thu 12-Nov-09 01:14:00

This may have already been discussed here, but is anyone watching ITV1's new drama Collision? Gripping stuff, I think.

Rindercella Thu 12-Nov-09 10:19:29

I have been gripped by it too. Especially last night, when I thought it turned really dark. That poor, poor man in the van. I just knew they were trafficking people.

I am very curious about the man who caused the crash - the one with the surname Morris/Norris. Why the surname change? What was on the CD? Why did he crash the car (seem almost deliberate)? Is he a paedophile or something else?

I particularly like how these people's lives crossed, quite casually, sometimes. The cleaner in the office with the father of the dead girl; the PA getting stuff printed by the chap who knocked off his MIL, etc.

I will be watching the next two nights.

Monadami Thu 12-Nov-09 18:44:36

I also suspected human trafficking and from the first episode and also suspected the Morris guy might be a paedo, but not entirely sure.

I think he crashed because there was a car next to him with some teenagers in the back, they were trying to take a pic with their phones and for some reason he got annoyed and lost control of the car.

I'm still wondering what the story is with the lead Police Officer, I guess he was having an affair with his sidekick and maybe his wife died somehow. I'll also be watching the rest of it.

Rindercella Thu 12-Nov-09 19:21:22

Monadami, it looks like it's just the two of us watching though!

Ah, didn't see the teenagers taking a photo. I think the lead policeman's family was involved in a bad car accident - perhaps killing his wife and putting his daughter in a wheel chair. Maybe he was with his colleague (lover?) when it happened, or maybe he was driving.

I reckon he's definitely being pulled off the case because of the dodgy company the PA worked for.

I really hope this series doesn't disappoint and manages to tie up all the ends.
If last night's episode is anything to go by, they are getting better & better each night.

wintera Thu 12-Nov-09 21:01:33

No you are not the only ones watching it. There is another thread here - gid=17507884

Rindercella Fri 13-Nov-09 09:04:12

Ooh, thanks wintera! smile

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