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dizzydixies Wed 11-Nov-09 21:32:48

now I know its not the same since we lost the lovely Rupert but I've only just stumbled across it and have missed the first one - can anyone fill me in please?!?!?

Songbird Thu 12-Nov-09 10:11:21

I’ve just been looking at the BBC website as it’s patently clear I can’t remember all of the details, and Episode 1 is still on iPlayer. Well worth watching it, it was great. But if not……. (beware, some details might be missing or wrong grin)

At the end of the last series Harry was bundled into the boot of a car having given himself up as a hostage – I forget already who to! Basically (amid much mistaken identity and red herrings!) his captors were looking for some weapons-grade uranium that only Harry (and Ruth who wasn’t really dead, but living in Spain) knew the location of. It turned out that the sleazy CIA liaison guy and some smarmy British government guy were also involved, having attempted to smuggle uranium into Iraq at the start of the war to justify it – Harry thwarted this operation.

Right, the baddies find Ruth in Spain and she escapes and takes flight to the UK with her partner and his son. MI5 hide them in a safe house, at this point not realising that the British government guy is a baddie, and he moves them to another ‘safe’ house, where he intends to kill the man and boy if Ruth or Harry don’t tell them where to find the stuff. Ruth caves in but it transpires that Harry didn’t even trust her and moved it somewhere else, and he refuses to tell. So they kill Ruth’s partner, hence all the angsty stuff last night. Wonderful Malcolm goes to the safe house and offers himself in place of the boy. By being wonderful he makes the would-be assassin realise that killing a 10 year old would be A Bad Thing, and the man gets an attack of conscience. In the meantime Ros and DH, sorry, Lucas have found where Harry and Ruth are being kept, storm in and DH shoots the main baddie. Malcolm retires from MI5, and that’s it.


dizzydixies Thu 12-Nov-09 10:27:24

oh no I liked Malcolm - and thank you thank you thank you smile

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