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I can cook

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StealthPolarBear Mon 09-Nov-09 11:29:42

Do grown women really still wear slides in their hair?
And grape pizza? Did I see that right? or is it the sleep deprivation?
DS is 2 1/2 and has made grape casserole before which I thought was amusing, now I see where he gets the idea from

StealthPolarBear Mon 09-Nov-09 12:12:24

obviously everyone is retching at the thought

jennymac Tue 10-Nov-09 13:06:27

Hi - saw that pizza thing yesterday also. Couldn't help thinking how disgusting it looked. Dd was typically brainwashed though and thought it looked delicious!

displayuntilbestbefore Tue 10-Nov-09 13:08:05

I have to admit that the mini cheescake things she did looked yummy and very easy for small dcs...but it's her laugh that gets me everytime! I'd be chuckling all day if she was my cookery teacher!

Marioandluigi Tue 10-Nov-09 13:39:06

Andy and Alex did an advert whichra n for a while where they were made Easy Peasy Pizza with Grapes on it. You saw both of them try it but neither of them ate a grape!

jobhuntersrus Tue 10-Nov-09 13:42:41

My 3 yr old LOVES this program. We have watched them over and over again on iplayer. The woman gets on your nerves a bit and her songs are rubbish but there are some good ideas of ways to do cooking with little ones. I like how they use scissors rather than knives etc.

Monadami Thu 12-Nov-09 01:18:13

They didn't make many episodes, it's being rerun already and I'm sick of seeing the Grape Pizza and the Carrot & Courgette muffins, yuck!

I find Katy annoying, she repeats herself all the time "we're going to put this or that in, it will give it lots of flavour and make it really yummy".

I noticed Andy and Alex avoiding the grapes too.

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