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Make Them Go With A BANG! Bonfire "X" FACTOR!!!!!!!

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ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 16:07:47

Surely tonight will be the night that Twit and Twat go out with a BANG!!!!!!!!

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 16:09:52

Anyone know the theme/songs for tonight pretty please?

TwoToTango Sat 07-Nov-09 16:19:01

think its songs from films - heard on radio the twins are doing Ghostbusters - shooting laser guns at ghosts of Simon!!

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 16:26:25

Yet another song they won't have to sing then! Give Louis his due, he's managing to avoid them singing at all!

Flamebat Sat 07-Nov-09 16:47:55

I have to go and watch sodding fireworks.

MojoLost Sat 07-Nov-09 16:50:07

No I've given up, I think they'll stay.
Actually, I am starting to admire how thick skinned these kids are. With all the negative feedback they've received, Danyl would have been a nervous wreck by now, but they just take it in the chin and laugh it off.

I hope Danyl goes, (hate his fake smile) but I guess it won't happen either.

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 16:50:43

Nooooooooooooooo! You can't do that! We'll wish a monsoon on the fireworks so you can stay at home with wine a cup of tea

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 16:51:20

Yes danyl is wearing thin on me as well

muggglewump Sat 07-Nov-09 16:53:17

I'm here, all ready to vote for Jedward againgrin

Just bought myself shock some bears too.

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 17:05:58

Mugglewump NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would you? Why, why, why???

muggglewump Sat 07-Nov-09 17:18:20

Oh shite. Why would I vote for them, or why would I buy bears?

Damn spellcheck. Beers of course.

And as for voting for them, we do because they are so entertaining. DD and I love themgrin

Flamebat Sat 07-Nov-09 17:26:50

do they think we don't ^know^ this?

UnquietDad Sat 07-Nov-09 17:28:24

I also have to go and watch sodding fireworks.

UnquietDad Sat 07-Nov-09 17:29:38

I must admit I shuddered a little at the photo caption "Jedward enjoy a facial ahead of tonight's show."

Flamebat Sat 07-Nov-09 17:29:53

Have you had a good day though UQD?

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 17:30:14

I didn't even think it was strange that you were buying bears, such is the diversity of the mums on Mumsnet!

Flamebat Sat 07-Nov-09 17:30:31

Buying bears would be worth a shock face wink

UnquietDad Sat 07-Nov-09 17:31:57

flame - thanks, did !

muggglewump Sat 07-Nov-09 17:35:49

Snort @ facial.
UQD, we clearly both have very dirty mindsgrin

I was in the pet shop today, I bought a goldfish and a snail. Sadly no bears though. sadwink

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 17:36:13

I think there will be more sodding fireworks tonight than there were on Thursday.

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 17:38:22

I have spent today sat in teh cafe at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, drinking coffee. DH parked me there while he took the kids round the exhibits. Was nice to get out and look at a different set of 4 walls though!

Flamebat Sat 07-Nov-09 17:43:33

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 17:48:29

So what delights are you all eating/drinking during it tonight then?

muggglewump Sat 07-Nov-09 18:18:25

I have bears beers and homemade pizza, including the base <smug> with anchovies, olives and smoked garlic.

Not so poncey fruit corners for afters, and maybe a bit later Lindors from the bargain basket at the local Spar.grin

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 18:20:09

I just threw sausages, wedges and beans at my lot...blush

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