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the boy who sailed round the world

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DuelingFanjo Thu 05-Nov-09 21:33:31

Anyone watching? I feel so sorry for him. I am not sure that his dead is even sane.

cookielove Thu 05-Nov-09 21:34:20

oooh isn't he from some where in herts? like wgc, or harpenden?

saltyseadog Thu 05-Nov-09 22:20:25

Dead? Dad? Head?

I'm watching it too. I can't imagine doing that - I need brown trousers on just to take a dinghy out in a F5 on a UK reservoir!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Thu 05-Nov-09 22:28:46

He's just a boy - why on earth is he doing this?

Hassled Thu 05-Nov-09 22:29:54

The Dad seems like a nutter. The kid is just too damn young for this.

DuelingFanjo Thu 05-Nov-09 22:36:15

Why? Seems like his dad is the one who has mostly pressured him into it, to live his dream!

saltyseadog Thu 05-Nov-09 22:36:48

I missed the start - which I'm guessing is when nutter Dad made his key appearance.

DuelingFanjo Thu 05-Nov-09 22:38:48

Nutter dad apparently had his own dream as a child that he would sail round the world and his dad said he's never do it. The original plan was for the dad to follow the son in another boat, doing the round the world trip himself, but they couldn't raise enough money.

saltyseadog Thu 05-Nov-09 22:48:59

Sounds like a certifiable nutter dad.

GypsyMoth Thu 05-Nov-09 22:54:38

We all watched the whole thing.....
amazed!! But he did it so good on him

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