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Any one watching wife swap?????

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tamula Thu 16-Jun-05 20:23:35

Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Love it

tiredemma Thu 16-Jun-05 20:24:33

bizarre to say the least....

hatstand Thu 16-Jun-05 20:25:49

it's real car crash telly isn't it? WHY is someone so religious so obsessed with material things like clothes? Have I missed something about this religious lark???

hatstand Thu 16-Jun-05 20:26:32

fantastic!!! the devil worshippers are praying!!!

tamula Thu 16-Jun-05 20:37:18

I feel sorry for virgin Mary's daughter, poor wee lamb.

But tattoos for birthday presents?? God no!

kama Thu 16-Jun-05 20:39:48

Message withdrawn

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