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what programmes do you miss

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starshaker Thu 16-Jun-05 17:12:02

i miss loads. button moon, fantastic max, crystal maze pigeon street, the list goes on

JoolsToo Thu 16-Jun-05 17:12:22

Muffin the Mule

Gwenick Thu 16-Jun-05 17:12:40

Mersey Beat

desperatehousewife Thu 16-Jun-05 17:55:58

ashamed to say it, but Friends. Oh and Green Wing. And Frasier. And Hollyoaks (DS won't let me watch it anymore. BLoody CBeebies)

HappyHuggy Thu 16-Jun-05 18:05:37

William and Mary

mysterygirl Thu 16-Jun-05 18:17:52

desperate housewives

mancmum Thu 16-Jun-05 18:27:33

never heard of any of the ones you watch starshaker!! But I do miss desperate housewives from recent TV .... but most of all I miss Soap -- the best program ever -- was the best comedy ever!!

Twiglett Thu 16-Jun-05 18:30:38

we're off to Button Moon
follow Mr Spoon, Button Moon, Button Moon, Button Moo-ooon

I quite miss El Dorado .. it was like watching an accident happen in slow-mo

Twiglett Thu 16-Jun-05 18:31:35

Soap is on Paramount

a fabulous, wonderful timeless piece of comedy

I miss Have I Got News for You when Angus Deayton was host

Angeliz Thu 16-Jun-05 18:31:55

William and Mary

mancmum Thu 16-Jun-05 18:33:31

WHAT WHAT WHAT Soap is on TV -- oh God how to I explain to DH that my views on cable TV have been changed and after 10 years of turning him down, we are now going to get it!!

What time and when -- where are they upto? Wow -- SOAP is back!!

kama Thu 16-Jun-05 18:35:20

Message withdrawn

holynight Thu 16-Jun-05 18:37:41

Really miss sex and the city

marthamoo Thu 16-Jun-05 18:39:35

Buffy and Angel. So much.

snafu Thu 16-Jun-05 18:40:16


Puff Thu 16-Jun-05 18:40:46

Poldark, Poldark and Poldark

Puff Thu 16-Jun-05 18:41:52

Murder One (so brill)

Pruni Thu 16-Jun-05 18:42:01

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Thu 16-Jun-05 18:42:22

And Firefly (yes, I know hardly anyone watched it but it was so good).

marthamoo Thu 16-Jun-05 18:43:03

Dh says Baywatch. Doh.

snafu Thu 16-Jun-05 18:43:30

I miss the opening credits of the 'old' Bill, with the feet.

Marina Thu 16-Jun-05 18:43:37

Larry Sanders
No Angels
Missing without a trace

hoxtonchick Thu 16-Jun-05 18:45:53

30something, sex and the city, shameless, a very peculiar practice.

Lonelymum Thu 16-Jun-05 18:46:53

No-one will remember this but I miss Warship - a serial about a Royal Navy warship that was shown back in the late 70s I would guess.

Puff, I have all of Poldark on video and occasionally spend a week watching it through whilst ironing.

foxinsocks Thu 16-Jun-05 18:51:07

I miss 'The Vice' - the ones that Ken Stott was in

I also liked J Creek when C Quentin was in it (though I do find Alan Davies annoying)

I also miss having something good to watch at least one night of the weekend (have just finished watching Conviction on BBC2 on Sat and I'm now stuck with nothing!)

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