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Is the actor that plays Merlin related to someone famous?

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Katymac Sat 31-Oct-09 20:37:45

Or has he been in something else

It isn't so much his face but sometimes when he says something I get total deja vu

TeamEdward Sat 31-Oct-09 20:39:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

edam Sat 31-Oct-09 20:41:53

Ooh, he was in something else, but I can't remember what now. Grr. Possibly Doctor Who?

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 20:43:10

He was in one episode of Dr Who, and acted well but I don't think he is that good in Merlin.

I wish Prince Arthur was related to me - directly, through marriage! grin

Katymac Sat 31-Oct-09 20:49:51

Really Dr Who......missed that

Yeah I was thinking nepotism - I wonder if it's the Jonathon Creek guy I'm thinking of?

Heated Sat 31-Oct-09 21:23:21

Ds & I think he's good.

fartmeistergeneral Sat 31-Oct-09 21:49:36

Remember, that's not his real voice, he's got a broad Irish accent in RL!!

Katymac Sat 31-Oct-09 21:55:52

Really - he mst be modelling it on someone then & that's who I am thinking of grin

cornsilkwearscorsets Sat 31-Oct-09 21:57:58

I think Merlin guy is good. Arthur is wooden (and camp). Which episode of Dr Who was he in?

FabioExtremeAngler Sat 31-Oct-09 22:00:09

It's the ears.
You are thinking of Gary Lineker.
Or Dumbo.

cornsilkwearscorsets Sat 31-Oct-09 22:00:44

<waves salmon in Fabio's direction>

MrsWeasley Sat 31-Oct-09 22:08:16

He was in an episode of the Catherine Tate show and was in Dr Who in an episode called Midnight he played someone called Jethro Cane.

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 22:08:49

I don't know the name of the episode but he was in the one where the Doctor took a trip in a sealed pod thingy and one of the other passengers was taken over by an alien lifeform and she started repeating everything the others said. Then the Doctor got taken over by the alien thingy. "Merlin" played the teenage son of a couple - his mother was Lindsey Coulson who was once Bianca's mother in Eastenders.

Hope that is all clear as mud!

cornsilkwearscorsets Sat 31-Oct-09 22:10:15

I remember that but not him.hmm It was a crap episode.

Katymac Sat 31-Oct-09 22:12:39

Very bad episode - no memory of Merlin at all (must re-watch)

Having a major family situation re:Dr Who nightmare

What time do we travel on Christmas Day? & will we miss Dr Who sad

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 22:15:37

Oh, I am not a fan of sci-fi so tend to watch Dr Who only for David Tennant (won't need to bother in future!) but I rather enjoyed that episode. Still can't relate the plot properly though as you can no doubt tell.

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 31-Oct-09 22:19:01

The Dr Who Episode was called 'Midnight' (I am so sad knowing that blush). And he uses his own accent in The Catherine Tate Show, it's the sketches where Tate is the Northern Irish mother so proud of her son - 'our John is a gay maaan'. And of course Catherine Tate was in the 'Midnight' episode of Dr Who.

cornsilkwearscorsets Sat 31-Oct-09 22:20:29

Is he John then?

cornsilkwearscorsets Sat 31-Oct-09 22:20:51


WhereYouLeftIt Sat 31-Oct-09 22:33:57

Try - really good for this sort of detail.

cornsilkwearscorsets Sat 31-Oct-09 22:34:53

He is John in some of the episodes. He looks different with that hairstyle -older.

busybutterfly Sat 31-Oct-09 23:01:04

fartmeister Surely with a name like Colin Morgan he has a broad Welsh accent?! hmm

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 23:12:44

No, definitely Irish. I have watched one of the "how Merlin is made" programmes and his accent is a surprise.

busybutterfly Sat 31-Oct-09 23:17:11

Blimey. Hides it well, doesn't he?!

Tumbleweed Sun 01-Nov-09 21:09:11

OMG I was only thinking about this the other day! OK to butt in? There's a sitcom on BBC called "How Not To Live Your Life" and he's the dead spit of the lead in that. <Googling> Dan Clark.


Does anyone else see the resemblance, or know more?

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