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doc martin... ideas of how it will end this series?!

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mistermister Wed 28-Oct-09 12:00:50

Hi,any ideas on how doc martin will end? I think there are only 1/2 episodes left (gutted). I love anything that Martin Clunes is in - can't stand the character of that surgeon (can't remember her name) - hope he doesn't get together with her! I do think they'll have to "freshen it up" with a few new ideas next series though, it's becoming predictable (obviously not referring to doc's character, that has to stay the same!!!) smile

GhoulishFan Wed 28-Oct-09 14:29:34

I don't know - hopefully he'll keep fainting in London and come back to Cornwall, remember that actually he does love Louisa and ask her to marry him agian.........

or perhaps that'll only be in my dreams!

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