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Flashforward - confused!

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bambipie Tue 27-Oct-09 08:31:02

I'm enjoying it but dh and I were most confused last night, we were convinced we'd missed an episode even though we'd only watched the previous one the night before. I checked, we missed nothing! Maybe we are just getting old and slow on the uptake!

Really think the autistic boy's father is A Bad Man. Also surely lesbian lady must be pg already judging by the size of her bump at her scan in her vision. Did nearly blub at her thinking about the baby while she was injured blush.

Tambajam Tue 27-Oct-09 08:42:00

Last night was a bit of a weird one, wasn't it? That shooting seemed to be tacked on in a weirdly disjointed fashion. Not in a, 'oooh what a shock way!' but in an 'eh??' way.
And the president seemed to come out of nowhere. And the senator. Too many new characters when actually we want some Jack Davenport eyelash fluttering and focus on the main people. Bloke who is going to get murdered and his fiance for example. Bloke with the soldier daughter.
I agree about the bump size discrepancy and how can Senator AND president both be president. I think it's being hinted that some flashforwards are not reliable.

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