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Anyone else really laugh at CBBC's Horrible Histories this morning?

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nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 23-Oct-09 00:18:22

I cracked up at the Queen Victoria Fitness Video and the Hitler Youth sketch.

Although didn't really want to have to explain to a 5 year old why that was funny, so maybe not that appropriate, but very funny all the same.

pipWereRabbit Fri 23-Oct-09 00:23:52

Horrible Histories often makes me snigger - and usual at the bits DD doesn't 'get' so I have to try and explain.

Complete agree about the Queen Victoria Fitness video - 'and mourn'.

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 23-Oct-09 00:24:40

for the next forty years.

and mourn.

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 23-Oct-09 00:27:19

Hitler youth, it's like the scouts, only EVIL.

pipWereRabbit Fri 23-Oct-09 00:40:08

Now I'm laughing at the memory grin.

Am ashamed to say that 'Sorry I've got no head' is another favourite.

I obviously have the sense of humour of a junior school child.

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 23-Oct-09 08:49:14

Worrying isn't it. smile

KEAWYED Fri 23-Oct-09 08:51:53

I love this. Silly deaths is great

tulpe Fri 23-Oct-09 23:48:58

Another fan here too

Was laughing out loud at Hitler Youth sketch. Also at the Real Victorian Names sketch. DS told me to grow up

nevergoogledragonbutter Sat 24-Oct-09 00:24:51

I was in pieces. Had to go and get DH to find out if I was having a breakdown or if it was actually funny.

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