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This Week. Yikes, they are going to do biscuitgate.

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nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 22-Oct-09 23:42:16

Anybody watching?

nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 22-Oct-09 23:43:37

I met Andrew Neil once.

He was most pleasant.

Jajas Thu 22-Oct-09 23:43:41


nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 22-Oct-09 23:55:37

2 of us then?

LeninGhoul Thu 22-Oct-09 23:56:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twit Fri 23-Oct-09 00:00:07

I am. Farking biscuitgate.

policywonk Fri 23-Oct-09 00:00:35

What are they saying?

cherryblossoms Fri 23-Oct-09 00:01:15

nevergoogledragonbutter - I always think he looks like he's the sort of chap who'd get a little over-jolly and try to stick his hand down your blouse. I now stand corrected.

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 23-Oct-09 00:01:30

They haven't go to it yet.

Too busy with all the real politics.

Wilts Fri 23-Oct-09 00:02:08

I am and have now had to explain it to Dh as well!

VulpusinaWilfsuit Fri 23-Oct-09 00:03:51

Did they? Fuck. Am also too busy fighting fascism.

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 23-Oct-09 00:04:34

No, he was really sweet and unassuming.

This was in the states where I don't think he was well known. I was working in the gym of a posh hotel and he came in and did some cardio and some weights.

We had a brief conversation about the fruit juices in the fridge being free. He thought he'd better take 2 then.

Not sure if he picked up on my scottish accent or if he knew he'd been recognised as I was ever so good at pretending not to know people.

cherryblossoms Fri 23-Oct-09 00:05:09

I didn't realise he replied to the biscuit question on PMQ with the economy. Strangely I missed that in the media coverage.

cherryblossoms Fri 23-Oct-09 00:06:16

That's a nice anecdote nevergoogle... . I'm looking at him a whole new light.

Twit Fri 23-Oct-09 00:07:21

it just keeps getting mentioned everynow and then.

Diane Abbot is worried that people will feel sorry for NG. Amongst other things, although I'm afraid I haven't paid too much attention as I keep flitting around the other threads.

thingamajig Fri 23-Oct-09 00:11:51

Whenever I see Andrew Neil I think of this Tis a regular in Private Eye.

Jajas Fri 23-Oct-09 00:13:47

It's nearly over and they still haven't done the biscuit thing yet!

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 23-Oct-09 00:15:46

It's going to be their bit of fluff at the end so we can all sleep without worrying about the BNP

LeninGhoul Fri 23-Oct-09 00:16:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jajas Fri 23-Oct-09 00:19:15

I love it too, but why oh why does it have to be on so late?

Jajas Fri 23-Oct-09 00:22:29

oh fgs!

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 23-Oct-09 00:22:57


cherryblossoms Fri 23-Oct-09 00:25:37

They did biscuitgate in the news round up. I think that was all folks. Maybe it was an eloquent silence.

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