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Horizon- aaargh!

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FaintlyMacabre Wed 21-Oct-09 09:05:39

Every time I watch a Horizon documentary I find myself irritated and left without any real insight into the subject matter.

Again last night was no exception. A really interesting subject with lots of innovative research going on, and a presenter who is fairly engaging (though a little irritating). So why, after watching one hour of documentary do I feel like there was only about 20 minutes of actual information?

Loads of wobbly camera work, shots of Marcus travelling about with helpful pointers to show where he was (yes, he has told us he was in Sweden, no need for a sign staying Stockholm). Endless shots of brain MRIs with little or no explanation, clearly just to look 'scientific'. The various experts, who he had travelled a long way to see, not giving any insights into the conclusions of their experiments, but leaving it to Marcus, who though intelligent is a mathematician not a neuroscientist.

I could go on, but am getting quite cross grin
Did any one else watch this and feel the same? Or am I just a grumpy old git?

ihearthuckabees Wed 21-Oct-09 17:29:31

I quite enjoyed it, although I agree Marcus was a bit annoying. Why didn't he relate his findings back to his 'eureka' moment as a student, and try to interpret how he'd done it. (And what was with him wearing trendy t-shirts and denim jacket. Does he really normally dress like this???)
The info was all a bit disjointed, but I just assumed that it was because the scientists haven't really got a coherent argument together yet.

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