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I have to ask, is anyone watching University Challenge right now?

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squeaver Mon 19-Oct-09 20:19:26

...and thinking what dh and I are thinking??

VulpusinaWilfsuit Mon 19-Oct-09 20:20:27

Well yes. But that was true last time this team were on.

No biggie?

squeaver Mon 19-Oct-09 20:21:18

Oh didn't see it.

I am being completely non-judgey, promise Miss.

Dh wasn't sure.

squeaver Mon 19-Oct-09 20:21:45

And actually, aside from the voice, she looks quite nice.

PeachesMcLean Mon 19-Oct-09 20:21:55


ruddynorah Mon 19-Oct-09 20:21:55

you are probably thinking what dh is thinking. yes. to the extent that dh can hardly concentrate on the questions. sad really. i have told him off.

VulpusinaWilfsuit Mon 19-Oct-09 20:22:51

Waiting for the op I think. Requirement to 'pass' for two years AFAIK.

PeachesMcLean Mon 19-Oct-09 20:24:13

Oh I see.

I don't think it's that big a deal.

squeaver Mon 19-Oct-09 20:25:16

yes here too norah. He even paused to examine her throat hmm

eyetunes Mon 19-Oct-09 20:25:57

the Hands tell you

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