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OMG anyone watching BBC4 synth britannia

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zanz1bar Fri 16-Oct-09 21:44:59

Boy do I feel old.
I barley recognise anyone. Just seen the two girls(!) from Human League, oh boy.
I had their faces on my bedroom wall for years.

southeastastra Fri 16-Oct-09 21:51:07

depeche mode look about 12, love the nightclub with the live croc grin

zanz1bar Fri 16-Oct-09 21:53:27

ye gods they look only a few years older than DS.

zanz1bar Fri 16-Oct-09 22:13:46

I had forgotten just how much I wanted to live my life in a black and white french film.

duckyfuzz Fri 16-Oct-09 22:15:05

oh yes, loving it, takes me right back grin

TeamEdward Fri 16-Oct-09 22:15:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janeite Fri 16-Oct-09 22:16:01

Dp has got it on in the other room and I am enjoying the Depeche Mode bursts.

southeastastra Fri 16-Oct-09 22:16:30

plinky plonky shock! grin

zanz1bar Fri 16-Oct-09 22:19:13

shock plinky plonky...this is ART!

TeamEdward Fri 16-Oct-09 22:27:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janeite Fri 16-Oct-09 22:28:21

Ooh I just heard a burst of Electric Dreams - love it!

bodycolder Fri 16-Oct-09 22:30:42

i love it all

zanz1bar Fri 16-Oct-09 22:32:40

My DH is an old punk and he doesnt get it at all.
I shall be wafting around in a trench coat and beret for the next few days brain washing the DC with OMD in the car. They are strapped in and cant escape, they shall be mine <evil cackle>

TeamEdward Fri 16-Oct-09 22:36:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bodycolder Fri 16-Oct-09 22:38:43

I was in love with dave gahan still am!My dp was in rock bands and is laughing his head off although has admitted some of the songs ar classics.Heaven 17 brilliant

janeite Fri 16-Oct-09 22:38:43

I haven't heard my favourites - Lucifer's Friend and Nowhere Girl.

janeite Fri 16-Oct-09 22:39:07

Oh and Obsession - was that by AnEmotion?

TeamEdward Fri 16-Oct-09 22:51:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

glasjam Fri 16-Oct-09 22:57:12

Oh yes, feeling soooo old. I remember many a house party sitting on the sidelines whilst my friend had the face snogged off her. Me in my ski-jumper sweater dress, with Dare playing. I always thought David Gahan of depeche mode looked about 12 even when I was young. I'm finding it faintly amusing seeing the lead singers of OMD and Human League being interviewed - if you didn't know their history you would think that they'd worked in something like road haulage - bit bitter and snippy aren't they? Can't quite reconcile their present personas with their former more effete incarnations.

And Midge Ure - god love him, Vienna was fabulous but he NEVER looked cool did he? But I hear that song and it brings back a very particular time.

See that Janeite is on here, last time we crossed paths we shared remembrance of the Barrel Organ in Brum grin

bodycolder Fri 16-Oct-09 22:58:11

Swoon I feel v nostalgic glad i got those leggings will wear them all week

janeite Fri 16-Oct-09 22:59:03


Am such an 80s girl!

bodycolder Fri 16-Oct-09 23:00:44

If there was time travel I would go back NOW!

bibbitybobbityCAT Fri 16-Oct-09 23:00:52

Got it recorded for tomorrow night. Can't wait! smile.

glasjam Fri 16-Oct-09 23:08:24

Ahh Say Hello Wave Goodbye - such memories. But then all that synth stuff morphed itself into Goth didn't it? A bit darker and moodier - I interspersed it all with a pinch of Smiths and Cocteau Twins to cheer myself up but failed.

Japan hold up well to the test of time - gorgeous in every respect!!

janeite Fri 16-Oct-09 23:10:02

They were playing The Cocteau Twins in Gap last week, of all places - dd1 was unimpressed when I had a little singalong.

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