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Emmerdale - Sally!!!!

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5inthetomb Thu 15-Oct-09 20:34:50

Seriously, who is she? Why is she even on there? Is she going to be a bunny boiler?

Her voice grates on me, so softly softly. Grrrrrrr

kittycatty Fri 16-Oct-09 10:08:07

Her voice gets to me also!

Wasnt she in that hairdressing thing that used to be on with sarah parish?

Ledodgy Fri 16-Oct-09 10:12:05

Yes she was in that and wasnt she on dancing on Ice or one of the dancing things?

frazzledazzle Fri 16-Oct-09 10:35:17

She was on that singing prog 'It takes 2' with Russell Watson I think.

I am really hating her storyline in Emmerdale .

Monadami Fri 16-Oct-09 13:58:08

I thought it was funny a pair of Vicars doing fisticuffs in the street.

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