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FlashForward - anyone else hooked?

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twirlymum Tue 13-Oct-09 15:54:49

What is the deal with the crows?

I fear I am totally hooked, and am impatiently waiting for next weeks episode.
Has anyone read the book it's based on? I know there are some differences, the flashforward was 20 years into the future.

littlerach Tue 13-Oct-09 15:56:34

I saw crows today.....made me a little uneasy grin

ilove Tue 13-Oct-09 15:56:58

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss we are! Can't wait for next week!

alwayslookingforanswers Tue 13-Oct-09 15:57:40

I'm not - DH has been watching it though and I've been listening in the back grund

mrsjammi Tue 13-Oct-09 15:58:07

Message withdrawn

Chickenshavenolips Tue 13-Oct-09 15:58:12

Yes!!!! I'm just praying that it doesn't go the way of 'Lost', which I lost interest in after the first series hmm Far too many loose ends for me. The crow thing is interesting. It also looked as though there was some kind of mushroom cloud/air disturbance thing going on. My latest guess is that it's an alien weapon grin <disclaimer - I haven't read the book>

lou33 Tue 13-Oct-09 15:59:34


and i rarely watch tv

TheInvisibleManDidIt Tue 13-Oct-09 16:00:12

Haven't seen last nights episode yet (have V+ it) but both dh and I are watching it.

Who wrote the book? Would like to read it.

littlerach Tue 13-Oct-09 16:03:49

Oh I hope it isn't an alien type thing as that may ruin it fo rme.

Furball Tue 13-Oct-09 16:09:05

I'm watching too!

I managed to avoid lost but got roped into Heroes which I stopped after the 3 series due to it going right down hill and also Prison Break which went on and on then five stopped showing it.

I do find it amusing that the only people 'on the case' so to speak out of the whole world are 1 department of 3 or 4 people hmm

But.....I'm enjoying it so far

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 14-Oct-09 15:30:33

thats the problem twirlymum when they take books and make tv out of them

they change it

really piss's me off

they changed dexter - i wanted doakes to live as does in the books

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