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OMG - BNP Wives on Sky Three - these women are UNBELIEVABLE!

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KiwiKat Sun 11-Oct-09 21:34:47

You'd think if your political party was going to be represented on television, you'd choose people who were articulate and could present a cogent arguement, wouldn't you? These women are barking, can't explain why they think the way they do, and can't actually explain WHAT they believe. BNP members can't ALL be complete lunatics ... can they?

Bellsa Sun 11-Oct-09 21:36:44

Um. I would have thought that that was part of the job description, actually.

KayHarkerIsKayHarker Sun 11-Oct-09 21:37:58

Yes, I rather think 'brain donor' is a requirement of entry.

KiwiKat Sun 11-Oct-09 21:53:52

Can't believe I'm still watching this - it's like being a rabbit in the headlights of a car. These people are complete fruitloops!

Monadami Tue 13-Oct-09 09:38:44

I watched it when it was first aired 2 years ago and wonder if the moronic Personal Trainer who didn't want a black Midwife delivering her kids is still working.

If I was in charge of a labour ward, where she went, she could get on with it herself. Dumb cow, so obviously manipulated by her weirdo hubby.

SolidGhoulBrass Tue 13-Oct-09 09:43:35

If you have even slightly above average intelligence, personal charm, a degree of empathy and imagination and can respond to logic.... Well, you're not going to be in the BNP in the first place, are you?
Remember, oily creepy Nick Griffin is the best they can do. They haven't even managed to produce any of the charismatic psychopaths with crowd-pleasing abilities which might make them a seriously dangerous proposition.

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