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Watch for me tonight!!

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Bonkerz Fri 10-Jun-05 13:56:29

Ok am just about to go and get ready to go to the BB eviction tonight!

Have a banner to hold that has a big red stilletto shoe drawn on it so watch for my banner!!!

jessicasmummy Fri 10-Jun-05 13:57:13

Excellent - ill be watching!

sparklymieow Fri 10-Jun-05 13:57:28

I got an email for tickets too, can't go because of my neighbours ad my mum won't babysit atm.....

RTKangaMummy Fri 10-Jun-05 13:58:15

What colour jacket you wearing?

Enjoy it

Do you know where you will be by the stage or the door?????

DaddyCool Fri 10-Jun-05 13:58:26

... i'll be sure to watch. i'm not keen on it this year but i usually watch the evictions.

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 10-Jun-05 13:59:13

I'll have to record it as dh refuses to have it on.

Have a good night and if sam goes give her a boo from me!

WigWamBam Fri 10-Jun-05 13:59:34

Oooooooh, Bonkerz! I don't usually watch BB but for you I'll make an exception!

I'll be watching for you

Bonkerz Fri 10-Jun-05 14:02:20

if its raining will wear a blue coat but im so short that the banner will be the most noticable thing! Not sure where we will be yet cos have been offered to go into studio but not sure if we can get there early enough. Last year we were near the stage and the door . Will write mumsnet on the back of one of the banners and hold that up at some point! just for you gals!!

RTKangaMummy Fri 10-Jun-05 14:03:43


Newbarnsleygirl Fri 10-Jun-05 14:05:51


Newbarnsleygirl Fri 10-Jun-05 14:05:52


MandM Fri 10-Jun-05 14:13:30

Exciting!!!! I'll be watching!

MINNIE1 Fri 10-Jun-05 14:51:19

Will be watching out for you...

Hulababy Fri 10-Jun-05 14:52:44

Can you not add a big MN logo to top of your sign?

Have a great time!

RTKangaMummy Fri 10-Jun-05 15:19:50

Or a

jambo1707 Fri 10-Jun-05 18:51:58

enjoy bonkers you like moo

wish I was going to the eviction too

will watch for the banner


ScrewballMuppet Fri 10-Jun-05 18:54:36

Will be watching for the banner have a fantastic time and don't forget to boo roberto for me if gets kicked out or leslie

MarsLady Fri 10-Jun-05 18:56:50

OOh, will be watching just for you Bonkerz!

Twiglett Fri 10-Jun-05 18:58:16

bugger .. I don't watch BB but now I'm going to have to to see if I can see a red stilleto

Milliways Fri 10-Jun-05 21:08:34

Anyone seen her yet?

RTKangaMummy Fri 10-Jun-05 22:31:21



rickman Fri 10-Jun-05 22:31:38

Message withdrawn

jampots Fri 10-Jun-05 22:37:13

wasnt she behind Davina at the end of teh show when she took lesley back outside? Somethig about Kemal on her poster?

RTKangaMummy Sat 11-Jun-05 01:20:38

here you go


HellKat Sat 11-Jun-05 06:02:23

Well done Bonkerz!
We spotted you!
Hope you gave Lesley a quick slap from me

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