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tonights eastenders flipping heart wrenching

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OnlyWantsOneFartleBerry Fri 09-Oct-09 20:29:36

or was it just me poor poor girl made me sob

murphyslaw Fri 09-Oct-09 22:03:52

My freesat is broke hmm so just watched on Iplayer. I think Stacey is a fab actress and certainly made me shed a tear!

GhoulishFan Fri 09-Oct-09 22:06:14

she's an amazing actress - so is her "mum"

it's been a harrowing evening what with that and Criminal Justice!

EccentricaGallumbats Fri 09-Oct-09 22:10:03


smoking2shoes Fri 09-Oct-09 22:11:26

oh it was so awful
poor Stacey

mamalovesmojitos Fri 09-Oct-09 22:14:37

god, it was so distressing.
really surprised at that girl's acting, and the woman who plays her mum. they are fantastic. my heart nearly broke for stacey.

bibbitybobbityCAT Fri 09-Oct-09 22:16:15

It is fiction wink.

Superduperloopthelooper Fri 09-Oct-09 22:47:11

I sobbed sad. Even without much experience of mental health issues I felt it from a mum's pov. Heartbreaking.

I think Lacey Turner and her 'mum' are fantastic. Can't believe Bradley drove off with Syd hoping for a 'Stacey on medication and Bradley back for Christmas" happy ending smile

nancy75 Fri 09-Oct-09 22:48:17

i think bradley will be back, syd was being a cow.
lacey turner was really good.

HeBewitcheditude Fri 09-Oct-09 22:48:25

ok now I want to know the story

Superduperloopthelooper Fri 09-Oct-09 23:02:14

HeBewitchitude - I only had half an eye on it because was doing some work but Stacey's breakdown came to a head tonight. Her mum called the doctor and very reluctantly had her sectioned, all the while Stacey is begging her mum and Bradley not to do it. It was so so sad to watch. Bradley drove off with mean Syd while Stacey was taken away, her mum left sobbing in the square... sad sad sad

MaryAmericanSmooth Sat 10-Oct-09 12:52:29

it was fantastic- I love Stacey- brilliant character and brilliant actress,Jean great too.

MaryAmericanSmooth Sat 10-Oct-09 12:53:47

I was willing Bradley to turn back and go to Stacey too...he and Syd won't last,mark my words...

mamalovesmojitos Sat 10-Oct-09 17:57:36

bibbitybobbity eastenders is fiction, but the reason it upset me so much is that the story line in question is fact for many people.

i'm sure the storyline was a bit too close to home for some viewers. but i do take the point that we all at times can get a bit too attached to our television friends wink

SebbysMum Sat 10-Oct-09 19:48:52

I find their relationship really touching. I cried the night they showed Stacey return from that long time she'd been away and her mum bathed her. Again, last night, I just found the bathroom scene when Stacey was being sick so moving.

potplant Sat 10-Oct-09 22:31:54

Aww I just caught up with it - might be the red wine, but I had a little cry.
What a moving episode. Jean and Stacey are both fantastic.

Can't believe meany old Syd, surely a nurse might be slightly more sympathetic? Bradley's got to come back for Stacey.

bibbitybobbity - You appear to be confused, it is actually real wink

EvaLongoria Sun 11-Oct-09 01:41:07

I caught up on the last 2 episodes today and just finished watching criminal justice.

I cried when she on the square shouting Bradleys name and just wanted him to turn around and go to her.
started disliking syd lately.

mamadivasawnaker Sun 11-Oct-09 01:44:56

I cried too, was pretty intense very well handled and acting has been fab with this story.

madusa Sun 11-Oct-09 15:44:09

this was fantastic acting by Stacey and her mum

11 years ago, my family went through something similar and we had to get a family member sectioned. It was heart wrenching as the police took my family member away in their van. The weeks that followed were awful too.

Watching friday's show brought back all of those terrible memories.

I hope that Bradley comes back for Stacey and it all has a happy ending. This being Eastenders, that will never happen though will it?

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