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Hi-5 - Anyone else notice 'Charlie Robinson' is now 'Charlie Delaney'

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DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 16:42:37

... noticed this, this morning. wonder if she got married (most likely) but i thought she was already married... maybe she got divorced and adopted her old maiden name ... ooh, scandal!

... i'm such a loser.

starshaker Thu 09-Jun-05 16:43:19

u have way too much free time but then so do we all

dillydally Thu 09-Jun-05 16:43:44


DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 16:43:55

no... just a fan of charlie

KBear Thu 09-Jun-05 16:44:00

I noticed too - saddo that I am!! I reckon newly married. Bless

1 2 3 4 Hi-5

dillydally Thu 09-Jun-05 16:44:27

Can you tell i am deeply bitter today at no-one laughing at my joke?

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 16:44:37

...5 in the air let's do it together....

Yorkiegirl Thu 09-Jun-05 16:45:54

Message withdrawn

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 16:46:05

haha... i didn't get it DD ... no what?

starshaker Thu 09-Jun-05 16:46:33

take it ive got all this to come as dd only 7 weeks lol

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 16:47:34

watch it anyway starshaker!

Hulababy Thu 09-Jun-05 16:48:16

Hi 5 US Did anyone else know that the US appear to have their own Hi 5 team, not the australian ones?

dillydally Thu 09-Jun-05 16:49:01 is very very very bad indeed, with campy men and steps wannabes wearing awful costumes. Lets not get started on the hair and makeup

Daddyc, it twas a different thread in only joking.

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 16:49:05

did you just google that yorkie or did you just happen to know it?

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 16:50:59

@ US one. how much does that kimee look like kathlooooooyyyn (oz accent)

that's so stupid. why don't they just settle for the oz one. bloody yanks!

Yorkiegirl Thu 09-Jun-05 17:24:17

Message withdrawn

hermykne Thu 09-Jun-05 17:46:28

all the guys love charlie
even single ones - why in the world would they be watching Hi5 or come to know about it?

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