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i need help - meow meow on ch5

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DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 08:49:04

anyone seen this? it's the show they used to play up to about a week ago on channel 5 (milkshake) in the morning. it's two plasticine cats (one red and one white).

i need the proper name of the show ie: it's not meow meow, it's something like mieow mio or somethhing like that (it's italian or something)

I'm making a card for ds's birthday and he really likes the cats and i need some pictures off the net to go off!

HELP! i need to pick up the art supplies on my lunch!

TrophyWife Thu 09-Jun-05 09:10:13

hi DC
dose this help? its a linkfor the channel 5 milkshake

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 09:19:55

I'm afraid not TW

they haven't even got it on their listings and i can't find any reference to it on the internet.

i might have to choose something else.

RTKangaMummy Thu 09-Jun-05 09:33:28

what time was it on?

Titania Thu 09-Jun-05 09:35:44

mio maou

RTKangaMummy Thu 09-Jun-05 09:38:02

here you are

JoolsToo Thu 09-Jun-05 09:39:26

ooh Titania - close!

the wonder of mn

can someone tell me how to split the atom?

RTKangaMummy Thu 09-Jun-05 09:40:00

sorry wrong page

Titania Thu 09-Jun-05 09:40:01


RTKangaMummy Thu 09-Jun-05 09:43:33

Actually if you scroll down on my first link of 9.38 then there is a large picture of the cats


RTKangaMummy Thu 09-Jun-05 09:44:39

should preview

JoolsToo Thu 09-Jun-05 09:45:45

yeah! if you can't get your smileys right what hope is there for the rest of us?!

RTKangaMummy Thu 09-Jun-05 09:47:53

I was over excited JT

Must calm down, breathe

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 09:48:55

kanga, YOU'RE AMAZING! You're the best! You're a telly genius

(i actually sketched out a picture of kachung from save-ums a few minutes ago because i didn't think anyone would find anything and i'm starting to like that idea better )

RTKangaMummy Thu 09-Jun-05 09:53:33

Thank you DC

Hope DS likes the card

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 10:00:52

the picture provided is perfect. thanks again.

RTKangaMummy Thu 09-Jun-05 10:02:41


There are some others further down the same page and an episode to watch, I think.

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 10:06:10

i'm sending it in to milkshake to be read out so keep your eyes open on the morning of July 5th on Channel Five.

I'll no doubt post a thread a day or two before.

RTKangaMummy Thu 09-Jun-05 10:16:19


I did that for DS when he was 3 on BBC2 and it was read out

Everyone was so excited


DS card was Hairy Jeremy

here is Hairy Jeremy

DaddyCool Thu 09-Jun-05 10:26:19


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