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Wey Hey – Benidorm is back on tonight!

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MrsWicket Fri 02-Oct-09 13:05:49

Love it. Madge is fab! Hopefully new series will be back on form after 1 hour special. Any other fans?

bluebump Fri 02-Oct-09 17:48:27

Me! I LOVE this programme! It's about the one show me and my DP agree on too.

verygreenlawn Fri 02-Oct-09 17:58:03

Me too, I find it ridiculously funny .... we love Madge and the thong-wearing boyfriend. And Madge's daughter who was in Rita Sue and Bob Too!

PeachyTentativelyPosting Fri 02-Oct-09 18:03:44

Yay! Thank goodness we found the missing remote control in the pasta bag if anyone was curious)- love Benidorm

herbietea Fri 02-Oct-09 18:06:43

Message withdrawn

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