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southeastastra Wed 23-Sep-09 08:26:10

only just watched last night, what was the name of the imaginery doctor? wondering where i've seen her before

TrillianAstra Wed 23-Sep-09 08:46:12

Don't know, but did you see the one where he shaved?

I was like 'noooooooooooooooooooooo'. He looked like Hugh Laurie. It was not good.

If you know which episode it was try here.

JackBauer Wed 23-Sep-09 09:02:27

You mean Anne Dudek? who plays Amber?
I am just gutted it is nearly the end fo the season already, all those double bills have made it loads shorter.

southeastastra Wed 23-Sep-09 11:45:14

yes that's her! thanks was driving me mad.

she was in madmen

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