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What are PC Plum and Miss Hoolie's first names?

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PrincessToadstool Tue 22-Sep-09 16:33:18

Do they even have first names? I really hope so.

PortAndLemon Tue 22-Sep-09 17:13:09

I think that PC Plum did once use Miss Hoolie's first name, but I may have hallucinated that in a fog of sleep deprivaton.

Conversely, do Spencer and Archie have last names?

CommonNortherner Tue 22-Sep-09 17:17:03

PC and Miss

EccentricaGallumbits Tue 22-Sep-09 17:19:21

Victoria and loolie

Tidey Tue 22-Sep-09 17:19:25

Throbbing Plum, and Julie Hoolie.

FimboFortuna Tue 22-Sep-09 17:20:14

I thought it was Julie Hoolie.

5inthebed Tue 22-Sep-09 17:21:38

According to Wiki, Hoolie is actually her first name. Her full name is Miss Hoolie Hoops hmm

No mention of PC Plums firs name, or Spencer and Archies last names though.

Tidey Tue 22-Sep-09 17:22:48

Spencer Timewithme, and Archie Eyebrow.

PortAndLemon Tue 22-Sep-09 17:25:19

Yes, I suspect someone is Having A Larf with that wikipedia entry...

FimboFortuna Tue 22-Sep-09 17:33:49

I didn't realise who Julie Hoolie was married to. You will probably only know him if you are Scottish or have ever seen Chewing the Fat.

PrincessToadstool Tue 22-Sep-09 18:12:04


So I'll have to obtain and watch every episode ever (aren't there about 300 of them) in the hopes of hearing PC Plum reveal all...

coolma Tue 22-Sep-09 19:10:18

My dh refers to 'Archie the drug dealer' which can cause problems when we're with other children discussing cbeebies...

PortAndLemon Tue 22-Sep-09 19:14:59

No one else online seems to remember it, so my money would be on the hallucination theory. But don't let me stop you watching them all, if you feel moved to do so...

browntrout Tue 22-Sep-09 20:15:55

coolma - in a similar vein my partner always sings 'here is miss hoolie who tickles my goolies' in the refrain bit which is also something I discourage DD from picking up and repeating outside the home. Very inappropriate

5inthebed Tue 22-Sep-09 20:40:09

I can't look at PC Plum since coming on MN, after someone said they sang "I'm PC Plum and I take it up the bum" blush. I sing that song in my head whenever he is on.

MrsGokWantstogocampingagain Tue 22-Sep-09 21:25:11

While I was googling to see if I could find the answer I found this and PMSL


coolma Tue 22-Sep-09 21:33:36

CSI balamory is superb! My dh works for CSI (yes they are now called that) and it is their staple viewing on bad days!

MrsGokWantstogocampingagain Tue 22-Sep-09 23:24:24

Coolma what a cool job your DH has grin

Would love to do that as a job but I just haven't got the stomach for it. Though I will lap up all the gory details on CSI, go figure.

kristinaRIAnoff Wed 23-Sep-09 00:11:17

there was once a thread on MN which mentioned a scottish toy shop website which had some fantastic theories (though maybe not answering the OP), but I don't know where to look for itsad

UnquietDad Wed 23-Sep-09 00:16:58

Hoolie Hoops? Rrright...

I always thought it was Julie, but just because it sounded right.

Spencer's last name is ThePainter, and Archie's is TheInventor. Seriously, I expect Archie;s full name is something like The Laird Archibald McTavish of McTavish.

mumhadenough Wed 23-Sep-09 00:45:43

Julie is the name of the actress who played Miss Hoolie - Julie Wilson Nimmo.

Is there seriously CSI Balamory episodes? lol

coolma Wed 23-Sep-09 06:59:01

There was one sketch on one of the bbc two comedies - I can't remember which one . It's you tube - able though - hilarious!!

MrsGokWantstogocampingagain Wed 23-Sep-09 09:07:25

coolma Wed 23-Sep-09 17:25:24

Brilliant - just re-watched it. Wish it was a bit longer though.

MrsGokWantstogocampingagain Wed 23-Sep-09 19:36:37

Yep! totally agree, I was just getting into it and it finished.

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