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Anyone getting "glued to their seat"?

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BertieBotts Fri 18-Sep-09 21:45:53

DP is insisting it won't wok

waitingforgodot Fri 18-Sep-09 21:46:35

i am watching it !!

Milliways Fri 18-Sep-09 21:46:45

DS is desparate that it will work for him grin

thegrowlygus Fri 18-Sep-09 21:47:43

Only because i am too knackered to get up...

And think it is very kind of Derren to point out that I don't have to watch it if I don't want to.

babyOcho Fri 18-Sep-09 21:49:45

DP watching it, I am mnetting, just in case DD kicks off halfway through and needs attendance grin

hocuspontas Fri 18-Sep-09 21:51:03

dd3 is hiding in the corner incase it works!

babyOcho Fri 18-Sep-09 21:51:58

DP just walked into the kitchen.

Alambil Fri 18-Sep-09 21:52:12

hasn't worked on me

wuglet Fri 18-Sep-09 21:52:40

not stuck

looks like I ain't gullible open to this

MarshaBrady Fri 18-Sep-09 21:52:54

Didn't work for dh.

waitingforgodot Fri 18-Sep-09 21:52:59

didnt work on me

thegrowlygus Fri 18-Sep-09 21:53:23

I think that is my usual state though - of an evening - "you should find if you try to get up that the energy just dissipates and you can't get up".

I managed to get up OK. Clearly I am not suggestive enough.

Milliways Fri 18-Sep-09 21:53:34

DS now very dissappointed!

Relaxing thought....

hocuspontas Fri 18-Sep-09 21:53:35

I find it difficult to get up anyway when MNing so I can't tell...

Wilts Fri 18-Sep-09 21:53:45

Didn't work for us either

BertieBotts Fri 18-Sep-09 21:54:02

It hasn't worked on DP but his mate is stuck, it is quite funny grin I didn't watch as I was upstairs with DS.

sweetheart Fri 18-Sep-09 21:54:05

sad not stuck here either!

weepootle Fri 18-Sep-09 21:54:21

didn't work for me either

waitingforgodot Fri 18-Sep-09 21:54:39

i was disappointed it didn't work

50ftQueenie Fri 18-Sep-09 21:55:17

I stood up and let DH do it as he is far more gullible suggestible than I am. I was convinced it would work on him but alas, no. What a swizz.

FromGirders Fri 18-Sep-09 21:55:27

Didn't work on dh. I didn't co-operate.

JackBauer Fri 18-Sep-09 21:55:38

Not stuck! Boo.

LovelyDear Fri 18-Sep-09 21:55:51

dh's hands were stuck for a minute but he's ok now. me and ds weren't. but then dd was screaming (well shouting) mummy mummy mummy throughout from bed.

thegrowlygus Fri 18-Sep-09 21:55:59

Don't panic...oh it is just like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

DiamondHead Fri 18-Sep-09 21:56:29

Can you type if your stuck? grin

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