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stargate sg1...

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bea Mon 14-Sep-09 21:55:06

help!!! used to watch stargate on sky1... until we became virgin!!! grr!!! so i lost my stargate fix... have just been watching episodes on the web and now can't stop watching the old eps!!!

help! i should be doing work!!! not going through the Chappa'ai with the delectable Dr Jackson!!! grin

fellow sg1'ers!!! join me in my sad wallowing of sci fi nonsense! blush

MaureenMLove Mon 14-Sep-09 22:08:27

Sorry, I'm not a SciFi watcher, but we are with Virgin and suffered from the aftershock of DH loosing SG1! grin It's back now though, isn't it? I know it is acually, because he's watching it now!

bea Mon 14-Sep-09 22:20:59

where? where? on virgin????

MaureenMLove Mon 14-Sep-09 22:23:09

Yes, hold on, I'll ask him which channel it's on!

RealityIsNOTDetoxing Mon 14-Sep-09 22:24:48

Message withdrawn

TrillianAstra Mon 14-Sep-09 22:25:05

Count me in. I stopped after about season 5 though, didn't have Sky any more and it was on wrong on terrestrial tv. It is sci fi, it should have been at 6,45 on a Thursday dammit!

MaureenMLove Mon 14-Sep-09 22:25:28

Ah. Seems it's on the Movies package! We have Sky 1, 2 & 3! It's on Sky1, as always. Virgin bought it back aparently. At least 6 months ago!

RealityIsNOTDetoxing Mon 14-Sep-09 22:25:51

Message withdrawn

bea Mon 14-Sep-09 22:27:19

poo! we just have the freeview package... ah well i'll just have to keep watching online!!!

RealityIsNOTDetoxing Mon 14-Sep-09 22:29:50

Message withdrawn

FarkinBarkin Mon 14-Sep-09 22:40:52

Count me in for some Stargate wallowing. SG1 and Atlantis.

The sad days of Daniel Jackson's ascension. The joy when he reappeared naked....

Um. Great scripts too of course.


serenity Mon 14-Sep-09 22:47:18

I believe you are talking about the delectable Ben Browder Reality. He is rather lush, but not quite as lush as Daniel Jackson (both Michael Shanks version, and original flavour James Spader)

This is a very spooky thread, as we've just been discussing SGA on the Supernatural thread. It's obviously in the air tonight.

Ooh and I want to add to the general anticipation of 6/10, and Stargate Universe. It looks pretty good.

bea Mon 14-Sep-09 22:54:18

ah! i am most pleased that i'm not the only Dr Daniel Jackson swooner! Poor old daniel... as i'm watching these old eps... how many times did he die/ascend/descend??? shock

did anyone watch the ark of truth (the tie up of ends to the whole series) as i got soooo confused with sky 1 etc and the whole Ori story... i'm not sure if i watched the very last eps...don't tell me what happenned as i will catch up online... it's like the x files... it got sooooo complicated i'm not sure how it ended (hmmm spooky mulder!)

FarkinBarkin Mon 14-Sep-09 23:05:48

Poor Daniel. I could never quite decide whether he was extremely unlucky (all those deaths) or extremely lucky (coming back so many times).

I've got 'The Ark of Truth' on DVD and really liked it.

TrillianAstra Tue 15-Sep-09 08:59:17

I like Jack. But not the Kurt Russell version, most definitely only the new sarky version.

It's almost enough to make me want to watch MacGyver... grin

FarkinBarkin Tue 15-Sep-09 11:03:26

I found this MacGyver clip on Youtube. It's so bad it's hilarious.

bea Tue 15-Sep-09 18:04:49

stargate / macgyver crossover... for a chortle!!!! grin

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