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LovelyDear Fri 11-Sep-09 23:17:52

has noone else started an 'aaaarrrgggghhhhh he's an alien' thread?

Chuffinnora Fri 11-Sep-09 23:19:25

God he looks soooo strange. WTF has he done?

noddyholder Fri 11-Sep-09 23:20:06

My ds is calling him barry sparrowlow

Chuffinnora Fri 11-Sep-09 23:20:50

Very thin with a lollipop head.

LovelyDear Fri 11-Sep-09 23:25:14

clearly when he was on mars he had a face transplant with a local...

MollieO Fri 11-Sep-09 23:26:10

Hasn't he been very ill?

TigerDrivesAgain Fri 11-Sep-09 23:27:03

weird weird weird and JR being usual sycophantic self (have sound turned off so just going by picture)

How old is Bazza? He looks like pinky or perky

MollieO Fri 11-Sep-09 23:30:01

He doesn't look bad for 66. Is a bit thin though.

TigerDrivesAgain Fri 11-Sep-09 23:32:04

66? No idea how old he really is - anything from 50 -70.

He looks bananas

Tommy Fri 11-Sep-09 23:32:27

and a massive face lift

he looks like a Barbie doll shock

Chuffinnora Fri 11-Sep-09 23:33:12

He's very pleased with himself.

Did he really say he had a wife?

Tommy Fri 11-Sep-09 23:33:20

his mouth is moving, but the rest of his face is like concrete!

MollieO Fri 11-Sep-09 23:33:58

I missed that bit. I thought he was gay?

FfreckleFface Fri 11-Sep-09 23:35:16

Very bizarre.

Am loving the singing though. I loves a bit of Barry I do.

MollieO Fri 11-Sep-09 23:35:27

Sings better than the grungy man who is on there now though. I could do that but I'd struggle to overcome my RP accent to sound 'street' enough, or should that be enuff?

Chuffinnora Fri 11-Sep-09 23:36:28

Me too MollieO - how could he not be?

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