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The Restaurant: the winners story TONIGHT BBC1 9pm

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FritesMenthe Mon 07-Sep-09 18:38:44

"Following the progress of Michele English and Russell Clement, the couple who won the second series of the programme that saw people compete to go into business with world-renowned chef Raymond Blanc. As they try to transform an old pub in Buckinghamshire into the restaurant of their dreams, various menu changes threaten their chances of being ready for opening night "

anyone else going to watch?

oxocube Mon 07-Sep-09 20:07:03

Ooh me,if i can stay awake (1 hr behind UK time) I hardly watch telly but I did enjoy this series. Thanks smile

andlipsticktoo Mon 07-Sep-09 20:13:12

Me, me!

I loved this series.

Anyone know when the new series starts??

RTKangaMummy Mon 07-Sep-09 20:19:03


we went to their restaurant in Northwood during the filming

The food and everything was sooo deffo brill


ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 07-Sep-09 20:57:25

I am going to watch.. have been trying to research just now on google about Jeremy and Jane, the winners of the other series to see if they are still running a restaurant... does anyone know?

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 07-Sep-09 21:05:45

anyone watching now?

Ponymum Mon 07-Sep-09 21:08:11

I'm watching

squeaver Mon 07-Sep-09 21:08:13

I knew you'd be on this thread, Kanga.

just remembering how drippy they are.

Tummum Mon 07-Sep-09 21:10:33

How annoying is the woman's voice?!

photoframe Mon 07-Sep-09 21:11:21

Isn't that restaurant they're having another one off the series- the 2 guys?

photoframe Mon 07-Sep-09 21:12:19

James and Alistair's?

Ponymum Mon 07-Sep-09 21:17:02

This couple are just so 'nice' in a really cloying way.

MummyElk Mon 07-Sep-09 21:31:57

i KNEW there would be a thread about this!! love it. grin
anyone else think that the bald bloke with glasses on (one of the experty peeps) is there to State The Bleeding Obvious!! angry
"location location location"
"Running their own restaurant is going to be their biggest challenge"
F8*K OFF!!!! smile
( i know it doesn't warrant swearing but I DO feel better for it)

MummyElk Mon 07-Sep-09 21:51:16

did i kill thread shock blush?? am sorry if i did

Neon Mon 07-Sep-09 21:54:43

Is it me or is Michele English a spoilt brat? The way she spoke to that guy!!!
All she's done is paint a few bumblebees on a wall, choose some cultery and a couple of aprons. Tsk!

squeaver Tue 08-Sep-09 18:20:14

Best part of the whole show: finding out that "the boys" are now working at Le Manoir.

Dh and I ROARED.

Agree - she's a whiner, neon

5Foot5 Sat 12-Sep-09 17:00:26

I love "The Restaurant" and was so pleased to see that Russell and Michelle are actually making a go of it.

I believe that Jermey and Jane, the winners of the first series, gave up after about 6 months.

I have also read that there will be a new series - apparently it was being filmed over the summer in the Bristol area I think so hopefully it will be on soon.

The thing I like about this is that you feel that the people who enter genuinely want the prize - they are not just doing this to be on the tele like many of the people in The Apprentice. Oh and of course I love to listen to Raymond's accent and wait for another of his howlers where it sounds like he has said something very rude and everyone looks stunned!

My favourites last series were james and Alistair and I read on another forum that there is a plan for a spin-off series called "Plate Expectations" which is supposed to be following them as they set up a catering business. Not sure how that sits with their current employment at Le manoir

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