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EE tonight

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Tigerlion Fri 04-Sep-09 22:26:44

Confused. How can Sam Mitchell have changed so much? I know Daniella is the original one but how can they bring her back when we grew so accustomed to the other one (can't remember her name but thought she was great).

Does this mean the original Peter and Lucy may one day come back...

nancy75 Fri 04-Sep-09 22:28:52

at least they got an actress that has some connection with the part. my favourites are the australian soaps (home and away is the worst) where one day the girl is a 6 foot blonde and the very next episode the same character is a 5 foot ginger with no facial resemblance at all!

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 04-Sep-09 22:29:46

i'm all confused about who sam is.
and who played her before?

nancy75 Fri 04-Sep-09 22:35:16

sam is phils sister/peggys daughter. originally she was played by daniella westbrooke, then she was out of the show for years came back as another actress helped kill dirty den, ran away to brazil to avoid prison and now she is back and the original actress again.

kid Fri 04-Sep-09 22:38:52

The other actress to play Sam was Kim Medcalf (googled it, didn't know it!)

I have no idea whats happening with this story line though as Sam was on the run for Den's murder. Of course all will become clear in the near future, or maybe it will be a Christmas special so we might have a few months to wait.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sat 05-Sep-09 08:53:09

i don't understand the whole trina murder thing.
now, i haven't murdered anyone for quite a while but i'm fairly sure forensics will notice the rake marks in her neck and see that it isn't an overdose that she died of. They will also trace the fingerprints on her phone, be able to track that they had several telephone conversations, texts arranging to meet up etc.
and the blood on his shirt will show up in his house, in the laundrette etc.

where could they possibly go with the story?

kid Sat 05-Sep-09 19:41:23

They can go with the story and drag it out for a while.
I reckon he injected her so that she was high on drugs and fell on the rake herself.

Of course he will get caught in the end, the police will probably arrest him during his wedding to Denise.

blametheparents Sat 05-Sep-09 20:49:29

But surely forensics will pick up staright away that the drugs were injected AFTER death?

I've een Silent Witness, I know about these things?

Why am I thinking about this so much?

kid Sat 05-Sep-09 21:03:23

You have to remember, its only a tv show! grin
They tend to make things up as they go along.

staryeyed Sat 05-Sep-09 21:06:24

How are they bringing SAm back when she should still be on th run?

SorryDoIKnowYou Sat 05-Sep-09 21:06:53

I'm ashamed to say I've become aware this storyline has legs... see here

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