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What Katie (Price) did next

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jasper Sun 30-Aug-09 21:56:10

is this for real?
Does she believe her own publicity?
I am watching aghast.

blametheparents Sun 30-Aug-09 21:57:41

It is sooooo terrible.

Tattoo was a disaster.

Marrenon Sun 30-Aug-09 22:03:40

what channel?

hambler Sun 30-Aug-09 22:13:42

itv 2 or something, but now ended.

I really feel sad for her.
What a deluded self absorbed, dull woman

Paolosgirl Sun 30-Aug-09 22:15:01

But someone must be interested or they wouldn't make this programme, surely? Who DOES care what Katie did next???

thesunshinesbrightly Sun 30-Aug-09 22:40:12

All her deluded fans that all want to be like her(teenagers)

Tommy Sun 30-Aug-09 22:43:46

what was the tattoo?

dietstartstomorrow Mon 31-Aug-09 08:41:13

Tattoo - she had Pete on her wrist - she then tattooed a cross through it.

I watched the whole programme while shaking my head, a sure sign I am getting old wink

Fairynufff Mon 31-Aug-09 12:15:44

What made me laugh apart from the unashamed hypocrasy of calling the journalists 'knob jockeys' when she was feverishly looking at the tabloids the next morning to see how many pages she'd made - was the gormless little chav on the beach that said "she's a great mum and a great role model" (Jordan's kids are half the way round the world with their dad and she's doing soft porn in disgustingly fithly water).

The tatoo parlour guy didn't look too enamoured with her - he really spoke to her with agitation in his voice.

I felt sorry for the killjoy friend who has obviously taken on the role of 'worrying' about Jordan and trying to protect her from herself. I think this is what Peter Andre must've done and that's why she made that comment about him wanting 'to control' her. If anything, I always felt she wanted to control him.

She just comes across as an insecure, self destructive, spiteful, thick, self absorbed little madam.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 31-Aug-09 13:04:22

people do care are nosey grin

you must have all watched it and are commenting about it grin

therefore thats why they make the programme

Paolosgirl Mon 31-Aug-09 18:55:41

I didn't watch it - I just knew it was on. So there grin

Tommy Mon 31-Aug-09 21:32:54

I didn't watch it - that's why I didn't know what the tattoo was grin

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