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X-Factor - 28.8.09 - PJs on, wine glass full, crisps in bowl. I'm ready and waiting!

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Sparkler Sat 29-Aug-09 18:19:30

Ah yes nothing like Saturday night tv!! smile
Well I'd rather be down the pub with my mates - the joys of parenting eh?
Wonder who will be providing us with X-Factor entertainment this evening?

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 29-Aug-09 18:20:46

I am already tipsy.

DH is having to cook dinner and will have to put the kids to bed.

I will love them all or shout a lot


Sparkler Sat 29-Aug-09 18:21:01

Sorry I've just realised there's no - in XFactor. Didn't mean to type it!!! grin

Sparkler Sat 29-Aug-09 18:30:51

Already tipsy?? grin Lucky devil. Looks like I've got a bit of catching up to do!!

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 29-Aug-09 18:44:33

I started at about 4.15pm


Sparkler Sat 29-Aug-09 19:09:34

Ooooh dearie me - who are these people? Hahahaha!

Sparkler Sat 29-Aug-09 19:09:54

lol @ 4.15

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 29-Aug-09 19:10:02

I bet he is a lovely man smile

bluebump Sat 29-Aug-09 19:13:13

I didn't realise it was wine o' clock, must go get myself a glass and join in!

cyteen Sat 29-Aug-09 19:15:21

DP should be back any minute now with my X Factor fuel-up grin

BitOfFun Sat 29-Aug-09 19:15:58

Hurrah! Wine here too <settles into the sofa>

BitOfFun Sat 29-Aug-09 19:17:02

Whoops, over here!

Ninks Sat 29-Aug-09 19:17:04

Am I in the right place?

Febes Sat 29-Aug-09 19:18:22

oh here you are, I was, like, so last week...

Yes wine has been consumed. This ones a bit freaky but those leathers look hot.blush

Febes Sat 29-Aug-09 19:19:28

Oh no now I'm confused where to go where to go <frets>

BitOfFun Sat 29-Aug-09 19:20:39

Me too! Lets stay here!

Ninks Sat 29-Aug-09 19:22:10

Yes this is a nice place. Not much scrolling to be done.


Join us!

Febes Sat 29-Aug-09 19:23:00

Yes I agree the thread title is better grin

RumourOfAHurricane Sat 29-Aug-09 19:23:36

Message withdrawn

Ninks Sat 29-Aug-09 19:24:02

I've just had my hair chopped to Danni's length and am amazed how many looks she has managed in just this episode.

RumourOfAHurricane Sat 29-Aug-09 19:24:15

Message withdrawn

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 29-Aug-09 19:24:40

No one amazing yet

RumourOfAHurricane Sat 29-Aug-09 19:25:26

Message withdrawn

BitOfFun Sat 29-Aug-09 19:25:43

She will be knockout...

BitOfFun Sat 29-Aug-09 19:26:23

Love this song too.

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