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Gilmore Girls

(5 Posts)
hayleylou Mon 30-May-05 14:34:35

Does anyone watch it?

hayleylou Tue 31-May-05 08:48:38

Cannot beleive no one watches it

jellymum Fri 17-Jun-05 12:51:56

i watched it - beginning to end
missing it now

kama Fri 17-Jun-05 12:59:42

Message withdrawn

hayleylou Fri 17-Jun-05 13:09:37

Horray some fellow Gilmore Girl watchers!!! I have not seen the first season but have seen the rest. It has been showing on the Hallmark Channel on Sky but has just finished I have looked into buying them on DVD but they are really expensive. Have not seen it on any other channel but let me know if you do

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