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I want to do Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk !!!

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AnyFucker Tue 25-Aug-09 22:28:58

I would love to do this

Such beautiful and forbidding countryside and mountains

Just watching it now, where the presenter arrives at Robin Hood's Bay

The presenter is lovely too, like she is truly enjoying it (Julia Bradbury)

AnyFucker Tue 25-Aug-09 22:30:21

Oh, how I love England

< wipes away a tear >

jetcat32 Thu 27-Aug-09 08:39:11

i watch this as well AF - and am too feeling all inspired!

wilbur Thu 27-Aug-09 08:41:17

Some friends of mine did this a few years ago - they had an amazing time. They were quite fit for it, but not super sporty folk. Would love to do it too, it looks amazing. We took the kids on quite a good hike yesterday and they enjoyed it, so maybe, one day.

Botbot Thu 27-Aug-09 08:44:19

Me too. I love that programme - it's completely mesmerising for some reason.

Don't think it's going to happen this year though - just got back from a week in the Lake District, and spent most of it in bed with frigging swine flu.

AnyFucker Thu 27-Aug-09 18:01:12

hooray, some replies !!

I was starting to think I was a sad old gimmer

we go walking in the Lake Ditrict every weekend

nothing on the scale of the Coast-to-Coast though, usually 4-5 miles at a time

will have to wait 'til kids are grown up, but will definitely do it one day

jay11 Thu 27-Aug-09 18:26:30

Have done this walk, only the other way round, from Robin Hood's bay staying at youth hostels along the way. Did it about 20 years ago, it was amazing! Some days we did 20 miles which was a killer, others 4-5 miles depending on the terrain. Still love walking, but can't at the mo as youngest is only 2! Will take it up again when kids are older.

AnyFucker Thu 27-Aug-09 22:32:10

oohh, sounds lovely jay

I had my honeymoon in Robin Hood's Bay !

bronze Thu 27-Aug-09 23:35:02

Just watched (recorded) I love these programs. I so want to be out there doing it. Walking (proper walks) is one of the main things I miss since having children. DH likes watching as he likes JB

jay11 Fri 28-Aug-09 15:52:57

Yes it's lovely up there, although don't get up often as I live on the south coast. Just remember walking across the hills and moors, walkman on, just my thoughts and the views. . .


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