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How big is the chip on the blackpool hotel lady's shoulder???

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Fruitbeard Mon 24-Aug-09 21:55:37

Just watching that Can You Bank On Me programme and am ASTOUNDED that I actually found myself rooting for Griselda t'posh banker because of the terrible, terrible chip on the other lady's shoulder!

What a horrible inverse snob and how keen she was to make out that she was so much happier than her being 'poor'...

Damn it all, I thought this was going to be The Apprentice does Credit Crunch where I could sneer at the business peeps, but I'm actually in sympathy for the bankers here!

101handbags Tue 25-Aug-09 09:52:56

I also expected to resent the 2 ex-bankers, but actually I warmed to them both, particularly Griselda. The hotel waitress seemed to be looking to simply confirm her prejudices and when she was unable to do this, looked to criticise Griselda for the choices she had made so far (career vs children - as she saw it). Inverse snobbery at its worst.

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