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The Constant Gardener is on BBC shortly. Is it any good and worth a watch??

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tiredOFTHEDMemma Sat 22-Aug-09 20:39:38


Or shall I stick with salacious sleb gossip on IV2?

LightningBolt Sat 22-Aug-09 20:41:10

Oh is that the one based on a Graeme Green novel?

When is it on?

tiredOFTHEDMemma Sat 22-Aug-09 20:42:26

Sorry its on ITV at 9.30pm. It is based on a novel set in Africa (Nairobi I think)- but im not sure of the author

tiredOFTHEDMemma Sat 22-Aug-09 20:43:13

its by an author called John Le Carre

cornsillk Sat 22-Aug-09 20:44:11

Yes 'tis good.

LightningBolt Sat 22-Aug-09 20:44:16

I think it its one of those films I have wanted to see but never had the opportunity.If it is what I am thinking of I reckon it will be a political espionage sort of thing.

Thanks for the heads-up.

elvislives Sat 22-Aug-09 20:44:41

It is good but upsetting.

LightningBolt Sat 22-Aug-09 20:45:02

Ah yes,amgetting my spy novelists mixed up,lol

tiredOFTHEDMemma Sat 22-Aug-09 20:47:42

Is it upsetting in a 'Blood Diamond' type upsetting way? (horrific violence etc?)

Thandeka Sat 22-Aug-09 20:48:13

very very good but have tissues ready. I cried buckets.

Rindercella Sat 22-Aug-09 20:51:58

I thought it was an amazing film & will be watching it (with tissues ready) later on.

It's just terribly, terribly sad.

BitOfFun Sat 22-Aug-09 20:53:21

It is well worth a watch sad

pickyvic Sat 22-Aug-09 20:53:42

i liked it - am debating if im gonna watch it again but be warned - get the tissues out. its not what it appears - gets quite deep, excellent film though.

tiredOFTHEDMemma Sat 22-Aug-09 20:55:18

Ill watch it then. I love a good, meaningful weepy.

Im assuming that there is some 'message' in there somewhere? Am I right in thinking that it is linked to Pharmaceutical companies? (Im sure thats what someone told me once at college)

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