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Kerry Katona fly on wall

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hambler Wed 19-Aug-09 00:52:19

I am aghast.
I want to take her home, away from that man, and look after her

mj4ever Wed 19-Aug-09 00:55:48

dunno, i thought that, but dont forget she was doing drugs before him.

i did feel for her

but i dont think i do anymore, shes not doing herslef any favours.

hambler Wed 19-Aug-09 00:59:35

I am practically watching it through my fingers shock

TheYearOfTheCat Wed 19-Aug-09 01:09:36

Where is it on?

hambler Wed 19-Aug-09 01:27:33

it's finished now. Some digital chanel I did not know I had

TheYearOfTheCat Wed 19-Aug-09 01:30:11

I missed it. Kerry Katona would do herself so many favours if she stopped sticking her tongue out in front of the cameras. Every time I see her in Heat or somesuch, I feel like saying 'put it away . . eeurgh'

hambler Wed 19-Aug-09 01:55:31

she is what my mum would all " a wee soul". The tongue thing is horrid.
What a mess she is in. I would love to take her in and mother her back to normality smile

But I think she is beyond hope

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