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the autistic me

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candyfluff Sat 15-Aug-09 09:04:40

anyone see this ?- ive just watched on iplayer and found it facinating and also sad at the same time specialy for tom who just couldnt cope in the big family inviroment and was violent to his family members.
oli was a fantastic guy -so funny and very clever
please watch and discuss smile

sunfleurs Sat 15-Aug-09 09:36:06

Will come back and discuss after I have watched. I sky + it. I have an autistic ds so very interested in this.

nappyaddict Tue 01-Sep-09 01:07:45

Am watching it now

Nothing to say yet except what an idiotic thing for that teenage girl to say. "OMG you look exactly like your brother ... amazing." Erm not really they're brothers, it's not unusual for brothers to look alike!!

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